The Father says today, I am sealing the servants of God in their forehead. The plague shall not hurt you, and death shall not take you. There is a thing in these days that I am doing, says the Father, that will cause every ear that hears it to tingle and every eye to be astonished. Men’s hearts may fail them for fear of what they see coming upon the earth, but what about you? You do not walk in this life as a mere human being, not born of My Spirit. You are My beloved child. You are one on whom I have set My seal till the scourge that rages by day be over-past. You are going to have to lose all worldly thoughts and the philosophies of the darkened minds of men. This is the hour to look to Me for all that is needful to get you through the situation at hand, for I will be found faithful in your life. I am your high tower. I am your stay. I am the Rock, and I am your Rock, cut out of the mountain to destroy the image of man and his idols, but for you the source of refreshing in the midst of a miracle that you will not be hurt or diminished in any way.

There will be many that will take responsibility for what I am about to do. They will say, “worship me…” and they will say, “look to me…” Behold and wonder, says the Father, but do not be deceived in any manner. As the plagues of Egypt reduced a world empire to dust and ashes, yet I kept the children of God in a place of safety. I am able even so to keep you, says God, and I am keeping you and will keep you in the days ahead. Fear not neither let your heart be dismayed. Look to the Rock that bore you and gave you birth. You are not of this world system even as I am not of this world system. Don’t let your head; your thinking, get in the way of partaking of what I am pouring out upon you of My rest, My trust, and My refreshing.

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  • Bernard La Chance says:

    Amen father!

  • Dee Dee says:

    Amen Abba , I shouldnt fear this time because I am your beloved child. I knew what was around me before all this took place so I need not to be surprised at the behavior . These people have rejected your promises and have no hope. Theyre showing it on the outside with their unnecessary outfits and attitudes. Remind me when I forget oh Lord. And bless this week. Help me to reflect on your love that took place this week long ago. Help me to reflect on your hand that moved , your spirit that poured out and your gospel that went out and your promises that were kept.

  • Lilian says:

    Praise God ,we hv a loving and forgiving heavenly Father ,thank you Jesus for healing me of diabetes

  • Ruth says:

    Amen! We are in this world, but, we are not of this world! PTL! 🙏

  • Frances McHenry says:

    Thank you heavenly Father that I look to you and only you, Amen!

  • Israel Moussa says:

    Halleluuuuuuuuuu Jah ! Thank You Father, God of salvation, El Elyon, El Olam, El Shaddai. Use me to glorify You, align my heart with Yours, align my mind with Yours, Jehovah Hoshe’ah, change my story, touch me now. Jehovah Nissi, thank You for increasing faith and what You will do in my life for Your glory. You are the God who performs miracles, so do a miracle in me, heal me through and through. Jehovah Sabaoth, may my life display Your power. Jehovah Jireh, do the impossible in and through me, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

  • Ella says:

    Dear Father,

    Thank you for the seal being placed on our foreheads and the plague missing us! Every day we pray that You deem us worthy to escape what is coming and to be blessed by You and to be used by You in any capacity the will serve You!

    Praise you Father for your continued blessings to keep us in your grace with wisdom, intelligence and intuitiveness, kindness that is only from You. We ask this in Your Son’s precious name! Amen & Amen!

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