Participate with Prophets Russ and Kitty in the Jericho Drive. In 2013 Russ and Kitty are going coast to coast in the USA to preach, teach and prophecy. We will be conducting small conferences, prophetic small groups and meeting with you and others face to face, one on one as possible.


The first part of our assignment begins in January of 2013 in Florida. Then we will move on to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Nevada. If you want to attend a meeting, or host Russ and Kitty in your home, group or church please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you in return:

Attending a Meeting
Hosting a Meeting/Small Group
Meeting Russ and Kitty in Person


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  • Friday August 30 2013 my wife Alice and I had the privilege of attending the meeting of the Jericho Drive in Chicago! We personally witnessed the love and compassion of God that was demonstrated through Russell and Kitty as they ministered to all of the recipients in the room one at a time. Not one was rushed through as Russell and Kitty constantly listened to the voice of the Father until every word they heard was completely delivered. I stayed to see them give the last utterance of this meeting to the final recipient allowing them 4 hours of rest until they travel to the next meeting. At 4 am Saturday they departed for the next meeting in Pennsylvania which is a 9 hour drive! I encourage you to join me in prayer for their protection, good health, stamina, endurance, and God’s blessings upon them on their journey of the Jericho Drive!
    Gary & Alice Bourque

  • My request is I need in my place please visity me at my church at south africa I need you my brother come on my to do every things that god will sow you thanks I believe you will gree with me

  • We are honored to not only pray for you but to be partners! We love you both and believe God has led us to you. I pray daily for a double portion of peace, joy, love and provisions. We decree and declare that God supplies your needs according to His riches and glory through Christ Jesus!
    Love Gary & Alice Bourque

  • May God bless you and give strength to able to reach all over the world. Amen

  • nadine says:

    God bless you I receive every word and keeping that blessing

  • June Stanford says:

    Prophets Russ and Kitty, I just want you to know how grateful I am for you both….I have enrolled in the prophetic Internship course…I receive the daily prophetic word…and since then my life has never been the same….you have taught me so much, and I am eternally grateful….I am now looking forward to the Prophetic Gathering in Colorado in July….I will not miss that…what you have taught me is not HEAD knowledge but HEART transforming…I thank the Lord for you both….and I am so glad you are obedient to the voice of the Lord…in doing exactly what the Father has called you to do….and as a result of that you have reached me here in Canada…..Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…you will continue to have my support.

  • THE PEARL. says:

    God blessing with you russ and kitty traving grace and mercy,JOUNEY FOR THE LORD,AMEN.THE PEARL

  • Tosi Dike says:

    God bless you Russ and Kitty as you shepherd His flock. Your daily word is quite encouraging.l hope to support your ministry as soon as i recover and get back to work. Keep up the good work…Tosi

  • kathy says:

    I loved meeting you & the meeting in Oklahoma. thank you for coming. It was a defining moment for us here, I am waiting for the word to soak & pray over. blessings to you on your way.

  • Diane Burley says:

    G-d is blessing you, breaking you, and giving you away. Thank you for the three-fold cord that will never be broken. Jesus, Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden. We honor you continually with our prayers and every form of support that we have. Shalom – Gavriella (Diane) and Joshibeth, Red Lion, Pennsylvania

  • elizabeth says:

    Mine is to encourage the servants to God to continue with the mission they are doing. They have really blessed me in a big way because I get daily prophetic word of God from Prophet Russ and Kitty Walden. May God continue to use. God Bless your drive to Jericho. God Bless Israel. May God bless you.

  • I woke up this morning with the two of you on my mind, j just wanted to let you know, God had me praying for you before doing anything else, and Lord knows I have much to pray for!! (smile) but keep up Gods work as I will keep up my prayers for the two of you. God Bless Sylvia

  • God says to you Russ and Kitty, You are just where I want you,You are the apple of my eye, keep up my work and I will reward you. God Bless and Keep you Both Sylvia Richardson.

  • I would like to help with what I have if I could.

  • lubula jimmy (kaga) says:

    ah! I love you people and i like what you are doing,I want only to encourrage you, God bless you.
    I don’t have any donation because i’m verry poor, if i was around my physicaly force will be my donation but i’m verry verry far, i’m in South africa. my name is LUBULA JIMMY (KAGA). God bless you.

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