Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

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This is our 2017 Feedback page. The original testimonial page has so many comments it is awkward to use! (Thanks to all those who have taken the time to share their feedback on the prophetic words they receive. To look at those archived testimonies CLICK HERE. To leave your own testimony use the “comment” form at the bottom of this page.

Prophetic Counseling Feedback:

I was immensely blessed by my prophetic counseling time with you Russ. Your pastor’s heart was evident throughout the call. From the moment you prayed, I felt the presence of God.  I was skeptical if you would be able to address my many areas of concern during the allocated time, but the conversations flowed so organically and you prophetically brought up many of those issues. I was pleasantly surprised to even have time for you to interpret my reoccurring dream.  I’m thankful for the recording after the call. I have already listened to it twice, once to allow the words to wash over my spirit and another to take notes. I had been praying for a time of mentoring and God answered through this prophetic counseling time. I have great peace about my next steps and I’m thankful for Father’s Heart Ministry. Many blessings over you and Kitty. ~ Saundra


Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Praise the Lord Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”



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  • Karen Lynne Bickford says:

    Since I received prophetic words this year from Father’s Heart Ministry that the Lord would restore all the enemy has stolen from me, which was a confirmation of what the Lord Himself spoke to me in September 2016 and again in October 2016, I have received revelation of where the root of rejection entered into my life when I was a baby 71 years ago, as well as a traumatic experience that happened to me in Grade 1 which further entrenched the spirit of rejection in my life. This was two days ago and now this morning I am watching the last DVD of Bill Johnson’s Study, God Is Good and this last Session, Session 8, which I started last fall and just got to this part today, he is giving further teaching on how to get back what the devil stole! Perfect timing! Thank you so much for conveying Father’s Heart to me. Father has spoken to me that the root of rejection has been eradicated and the Father is now cleansing me and immersing me in His Love. Thank you Lord!

  • Elizabeth Garrott says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for these prophetic words that come every evening. They are a blessing and I look forward to them. They are always accurate and timely. I wish I could donate, but can’t at this time. Please continue doing God’s work, you are a elizgablessing to all.

    Elizabeth Garrott

  • Diane Keppel says:

    I was blessed with the prophetic word I received yesterday. It was a confirmation and definitely right on. Thank you so much and especially April. God bless you. Diane K.

  • Joan Swayze says:

    Thank you for your prophetic word. I am in the middle of a difficult journey, something where God is stretching me. It’s hard and it hurts, but I feel like God was confirming (through your prophecy) of good things to come. I just need to continue on and trust & obey. God has taken me out of my comfort zone, I have stepped out on Faith and I KNOW he give me what I need when I need it. God Bless your ministry….thank you again.

  • Ruwani Wickramaratna says:

    Dear Prophet Russell

    Thank you so much for this message.I dare to dream for the Salvation of my family,restoration in relationships and a promotion at my workplace and also for my songs to be used to Glorify God My Abba Father.This is coming straight from the Father I know because I am up against a lot.,but I know i am victorius in christ JESUS who is My savior.

    God bless you prophet Russ.

  • Fred Rudkin says:

    I asked for a word on 28th January, Just received it , the word was very encouraging and accurate on the details I had received from other prophets,. Thank you Rhonda Wagner

  • Chrissy says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic words I received. I thank God for Russ and Kitty for following the Lords plan for their lives and blessing us through their ministry . My need was dire , I was losing hope and giving up. I had a personal friend cheat me on a business deal in December and was devastated. I got a word from Russ for December , and the Lord said he was dealing with me enemies. Since then my friend has stated he will pay me . God is so good. I can’t stop listening to my personal prophetic word. I know it’s straight from my father. God has used this ministry to bless me so much. I love you guys and appreciate your ministry more than you could ever know. Chrissy Morgan

  • Henrik Zeller says:

    Very encouring word!

  • Patricia Bureight says:

    I received my Prophet word which I asked for December 2016. It was exciting to hear and I am looking forward to seeing the lord manifest his promises in my life. God bless you Russ and Kitty.

  • Karen Jones says:

    I received a word in January from Charles Nwankwo. It was very encouraging and uplifting. Thank you, my brother.

  • Cherlyn says:

    Dear Pastor Gayle,

    Thank you so much for this word from the Lord. I believe and receive and know it’s from God. Thank you for your prayers and I pray that the blood of Jesus covet you and your family as you press toward the mark of your high calling.

    Once again it was no coincidence that this didn’t come in December or January, but now. For now is the appointed time.

    Be blessed always and thank you again.

    Love, peace and blessings always,


  • Selah says:

    Thank you for the encouraging word. God started his work in my life. This prophetic word already manifesting in my life . Thank you very much.

  • Melvin Davis says:

    Feedback for Prophet Derrick Frazier:

    Thank you going to God on my behalf. Hearing a direct word of instruction and encourage is such a great responsibility of the prophet. Accuracy is pertinent.

    What I receive as encouragement is what God wants all of his children to experience. Prosperity, abundance, provision and increased faith are available to all of God’s people who have accepted Jesus into their heart and life.

    What I receive as more of a focused word of confirmation is the spiritual gift of wisdom. I am aware this is a gift God has blessed me with by his love, grace and mercy. I am humbled to acquire something I could never earned. Having a gift is one thing. Applying it is another. I receive the prophetic God has given you. Utilizing what He’s given me to strategize and maneuver my way out of challenging times and to position myself to financial prosperity wil be life changing Financial prosperity was something I never really sought, although it is an important necessity in life. But as we get older, stability become very important And yes I know my stability is in God, I’m at a place where I want to experience the full abundance of all God has for me in the natural.

    It’s my prayer God pours back into your life. I pray, that through your obedience and desire to draw closer to God, He will exceed your own expectations. It’s in Jesus name that I pray, amen!

  • Pin Hwa says:

    Thank you to Derrick Frazier who delivered the Father’s Word to me. It was most comforting as something relating to my body pain which I had been meaning to ask about, but didn’t, was addressed specifically in the Word. The rest of the Word has given me hope and a very good insight into what I should do. I am grateful for the guidance, deliverance and breakthrough.

  • Praise Jehovah, I received a wonderful prophetic word from Prophet Derick Fraizer, it was on point and definitely encouraging, From time to time I asked the father for the gift of interpretation of tongues, Derick said God is giving me that gift, He says God told him that I had a Deborah spirit with more authority than I even realize.That I am being raised up in this hour and much.
    More but when he talked about my son’s, then quickly addressed the prodigal one, he was hearing from God all of the way about him turning back and even serving me in ministry, turning back to zGod Walking in authority, and his true inheritance and calling. I receive every word it was all confirming what The father has shown me and others, Thank you so much, you are a true prophet, God keep you and yours also.

  • Marie-claire Hunt says:

    I received a really encouraging prophetic word through Kim chandler. Every part of the word touched my heart and bore witness with my spirit. It touches on things that I had been thinking about and brought confirmation and insight to me on several issues. Really good and edifying. Thank you so much!

  • Shirley Jones says:

    Thankyou Russ for the relevant and faith-building prophesy I received from you. I was very encouraged and it certainly strengthened my hope for the future.

  • Cynthia Kinney Nye says:

    Thank you to both of you Russ and Kitty Walden! Your prophetic word is so accurate and encouraging to my life! I would definitely like to become a partner with your ministry and for you both to speak into my life in the years to come! Blessings to you and your ministry and all that you have given to others to encourage others! Cynthia Kinney Nye <3

  • Bill Privitt says:

    Please change my email address by deleting and entering
    Thanks, s/Bill Privitt 1:54 p.m. CST 01/31/2017

  • Conchi says:

    Hallelujah. The Lord spoke and his word will go forward. I claim His Word sent to me yesterday for my life and declare it will be Amen and Amen. Thank you both and thank you Lord for this ministry of encouragement. God bless you

  • Robearh says:

    I thank Terri Allen, for the Prophetic Words, I received this day Jan. 30,2017 It was as if the Father,
    was right here next to me speaking. I cried, and cried, for over an hour, still crying, as I type. I am
    so in love with my Daddy. The words spoken to me is Wow, Awesome, Wholessome, Rich, It has
    blessed me beyond anything I can imagine it to be so, especially when the Father, said there is a
    Memorial buit before him in my name Heidi, Wow, that alone moved me to crying, overflowing in
    such amazement, as I was astonished, taken by surprise. I became happy with tears of joy. I
    am so grateful to Fathers Heart Ministries Russ & Kitty, for bringing to me one of thee best of
    the best Terri Allen, an awesome Prophetic voice to me. I highly honor Fathers Heart Ministries
    I love Russ & Kitty, they are my spiritual family. I eat on the Fathers Hearts Words Daily, it blesses
    me beyond measure. Glory, Honor, and Higher Praises to you Abba Father, my God. I love you.

  • Timothy Harper says:

    I’ve tried to leave feedback on your site but my device made it impossible… But i’d love to say with all of my heart, I TRULY know that the Father graces you with his words and God be the Glory for your life and the work you and your wife do for his name sake… it’s so comforting knowing that our Father has trusted you as His Prophet and are a Son to Him… I appreciate very much as The words of prophecy have come to pass over my life regarding Ministry portion.. Out of nowhere an opportunity presented itself to enroll in New Life School of Ministry and I’m thrilled to continue in his Way… I’m thrilled for knowing that you personally prophecy over my Life bc i look at your Work with Faith knowing its Gods work through you… There have been several times the Daily Word has picked me up and put me back on solid ground, and have rreally been a breathe of Life when i needed them mst… understand that Gods word is everything to me, its my Faith hope love promise future will strength ect… I’m thankful and grateful you were chosen to be the vessel that delivers his Word without restrain… I take it very serious and have only recived prophesy over my life by two other prophets but i feel the annointing most strongest through you as i know God has ordained this… I will be in Branson in March and i would love to shake your hand and fellowship, as we are brothers and this will be eternal… with mluch Love, Thank you and God Bless you and i know you Feel highly honored that you have the hand of God over your life and Words from the Father directly.. WOW

  • Vanessa Dover says:

    I received a prophetic word from Timothy Fox and it was spot on. I’ve definitely been agreeing with it daily in my prayer time!

  • Debra Pritchett says:

    I thank God for the Waldens , I believe that they hear from the Father and I am encouraged and uplifted every time they speak to me. Truly motivated by a servants heart

  • Louis Reed says:

    Awesome word. Thank you guys for taking your time to go to the Father on my behalf. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys so much.

  • Tamara Hall says:

    It took a while for me to comment as I have been going through some serious spiritual warfare. I find that I listen to the email everyday just to hold on. It’s definitely accurate and helps me to keep hold on just a little longer. Continue to pray for my strength.

  • Rebecca Minkah says:

    I am very encouraged and hopeful knowing the thoughts of God concerning my life this year. its been a long battle but to know I’m on the winning side, gives me rest. Accurate and spot on. God bless you Prophet Derrick Fraiser. God bless Father’s Heart Ministry. Thank You

  • Naume Obita says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty. Your words are accurate and enciouraging. We praise God for your ministry that is giving Godly direction for millions

  • Vanessa Hardie says:

    Thank you so much for the timely word that you spoke into my life. Every word spoken was accurate.

    Thank you and God bless

    Vanessa Hardie

  • Vicky Anwar says:

    My word was very accurate and spoke to me wisdom as to what to do. Thanks so much.

  • Faye Harris says:

    PRAISE GOD! I did receive the prophetic word and it was amazing how on point it was. Thank you. I have been inspired to continue on further in the teaching ministry that God has called me to.

  • Rose says:

    Thank you for the prophecy from God, it was accurate and so comforting to hear what God has to say and it gave me hope and peace. And the prophecy gave me an answer to a question i have always Asked God in my heart and i was shocked when that was revealed by God and am so happy God spoke concerning that . Am just so greatfull to God.And i also thank God for your lives for working for the most high thank you Jesus . Thanks prophets.

  • Rebecca Sanchez says:

    Derrick – thank you for your heart and obedience to hear God for me. Wow, wow, wow. Everything that you said to me is what God has already revealed to me for this coming year! “He’s completing the promises”, “dry places will begin to be filled with pools of water and the dead places will blossom profusely.” “I am highly gifted in prophetic.” Everything is accurate to what I’ve either already heard from other random ppl who have prophesied over me, or to what God himself has told me in my spirit for this year. I keep seeing a rose that is opening quickly (blossoming!) in my spirit lately that I’ve been praying would be the hearts of my loved ones opening up to me and God with new love… And you said things concerning my promises will blossom… Profusely! Also the breaking of fallow ground…. My husbands heart has been hardened to me and God for years now with no sign of hope in the natural but I can’t wait to see the work of God begin to be seen from behind the scenes like you said. Amen! It’s true I’ve felt forgotten in this waiting, and I’ve wondered if I really do have a gift sometimes but I will press in now knowing that it’s time. I cried and cried so hard as I received this word as the Lord minister to me so deeply through it. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promises and this word.

  • gary copes says:

    Thank you Jesus, for the prophetic word, the word has truly encourage and uplift me and more ways than one. thanks again Prophet. God bless you.

    • Angela McLemore says:

      I have NEVER experienced such an accurate prophetic word over my life, I receive the Daily Prophetic Word and now this. I LOVE This Ministry and I am Committed To seeing it grow. You have not only my monetary partnering but my constant prayers as well.

  • Bruce and Maureen spelman says:

    Thank you so much for a very encouraging word from the Lord. My husband, Bruce, and I have been encouraged during a time of illness and financial difficulty. God bless you all there.

  • sweetkitty77 says:

    The personal prophesy that i’ve received from the Walden’s hit the bullseye both times. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I put in my request, but was blown away by the accuracy; which validated something I’d been trying to get help with. I was being told by others that I was crazy… It has helped me to cope better. Just received a second prophetic word that is so accurate, I’m no longer going to cope, it has motivated me to Overcome through the blood of Jesus. I’ve tolerated way to much… Thanks to the Walden’s for stewarding so beautifully the gifts they’ve received from God. Through this ministry, I am challenged, and motivated to do the same. Jesus deserves it so much more than I deserve what He’s done for me… Thanks to the Walden’s and Highest Praise to the King of Glory!

  • massiel says:

    Thank you so much for serving the Lord in such a beautiful way. I’m truly blessed, the words i received were very very accurate, I was in tears while reading the email and hearing the recorded message. Thank you again may the Lord bless you all.

  • Ronda bartholomew says:

    Spot on!!! This was so specific that it pulled me out of a deep depression after a long isolating illness. I have been asking our Father for this type of ministry. I give this as gifts now to bless people’s lives. Thank you !!

  • toni miller says:

    i am very encouraged by your words from the Father and also very blessed. having been going through much shaking and much trial last 7 months and revamping in many areas. loss of relationships i thought i could trust and many changes!!!!! needed to hear this word and i thank you so much for it. very confirming.

  • Jeremy Hiebert says:

    I received a wonderful prophecy from Derrick Frazier, which identified key things in my spiritual walk that no-one could have known. Thank-you Jesus! And thank-you Father’s Heart Ministry.

  • Robert Korpi says:

    Yea I received the prophecy.
    Yes It is right on
    Great Confirmation
    Robert Korpi

  • Hi, thank you both for your encouraging words, words of enrichment in my life, as a Prophetess/Seer it can get difficult at times. But the words of life touched me through your prophecy. And I thank you. God bless you both. Prophetess, Dr. Lillie

  • Sharon Smalley says:

    I almost missed my prophetic word for the December 2016 group. I just found it. I tell you I was so blessed again by Russ’& Kitty’s words from the Lord. They are accurate, edifying and encouraging. I heard the Father’s voice loud and clear. It really hits the nail on the head for me. God does defend His own and gives many ‘yes and amen’ promises to those who seek Him…Thank you so much…I was not expecting this group word you gave for December 16…but I’m so glad you did…I needed this today. God Bless and multiply you greatly and extend your tent pegs.

  • Dorothy Ohlrich says:

    Good word of instruction and Blessing for me. Gave me peace and removed a burden. God’s way is simple and His yoke is easy, burden light. Thank you!

  • Susan says:

    What a tremendous and encouraging word you had given for the December requests! It was uplifting and so positive for my present circumstances.What a joy to hear from the Father’s heart His love and that He is sending help on the way! I so needed that special boost in my faith. May the Lord continue to bless you and the work of this amazing ministry. This is one grateful soul and I am praying for you and Kitty and the other gifted prophets in your ministry. May God bless you!

    • Grce says:

      The prophetic counselling that I had with the Prophet Russ Walden yesterday, gave me the clarity as to what to focus on, in this season of my life. The confirmation that I had in my spirit, through the prophetic words that I received, that was from the heart of the Father through Russ, caused me to let go of the things that I could accomplish later. Thank you for your ministry!

  • Hadiza Mohammed says:

    This is absolutely accurate, God bless and will like to hear more of these prophesies.

  • Paul Entwistle says:

    Accurate and very encouraging. I felt the words spoke right into my situation, and I am feeling an increase in hearing the Lord. Thank you.

  • David and Angela Martin says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to seek the LORD on our behalf.

    Yes, the word was both accurate and encouraging as well as confirming!!!

    May the LORD bless you and your family and continue to use you mightily for HIS glory!

  • Olaniyi Olawoyin says:

    I received an audio prophetic word from Prophet Russ and all I can say is just as Elizabeth heart leapt for joy at the greeting of Mary so was my heart at hearing Father speak through His prophet. I bless the name of the Lord for the words as they have given me strength to stay the course of the wilderness experience and with a bold assurance that the Lord is coming through for me. God bless Prophet Russ and the entire Fathers’Heart Ministry

    • Lynda Cruz says:

      Thanks so very much for the prophetic words of today that are so instructive, heartwarming and encouraging. The Word is a light unto our feet and great instruction to my heart. Thank you for your time and loving support.

  • Patricia J Raper says:

    I received the prophetic word today that requested in December 2016. It was a blessing and an answer to many months of prayer and seeking God for answers. I receive it in Jesus name!

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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