Christmas-2014x150Father’s Heart Ministry – Looking Into 2015 and Beyond:

Our vision is growing and expanding! Since 2007 Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden have prophesied to thousands of people around the world. They have traveled to hundreds of cities in the US and ministered overseas as well. In our Prophetic Internship Program we have trained over 1200 people to hear the voice of God over the last three years and helped many of these interns identify and launch them into prophetic office in their own lives. We have been a resource for prophetic counseling and pastoral calls by phone and also conducting live online teaching and prayer events. Through our church presence online now hosts over 4000 guests and members who enjoy teaching, on demand videos and online fellowship and connecting live also via our Facebook e-Church group. The daily prophetic word now goes out to over 20,000 people a day and Russ and Kitty broadcast a live bible study each morning going through the bible chapter by chapter.


Our emphasis going into the coming year is focusing on Commission, Mission and Vision. Our Commission is to “teach, preach and prophesy” using all the tools and venues available to us locally, online and overseas. Our mission is to go into all the world and to raise up 1000 people to prophetic office and establish a 6000 member Ecclessia with a view to birth a signs and wonders ministry that the world cannot ignore and the church cannot marginalize. Our vision is to now extend our base out from the online ministry, school and church to a headquarters located in Branson Missouri. 

Branson Missouri is a tourist destination with 2 major airports, 26,000 hotel rooms with over 7 million visitors a year. For decades well known revivalists and seers have prophesied a revival outpouring here on the scale of Brownsville/Pensacola and the Azusa Street outpouring. In the summer of 2014 the Father told us to speak into Branson. In November we held the largest meeting we’ve ever done in an available building in Branson. People came out from the local area, from around the US and other countries to connect with this clear vision of what God is doing in the earth.


It’s Precisely the Prophetic! In a facility we plan to have here in Branson we are planning now for a physical not just online school available to an “IHOP style internship” where we provide available housing and board to students around the world who come for training and launching in the prophetic and in the mission fields around the world. We have a vision for a reproducible marketplace missions ministry with a flagship non-profit restaurant here and locations around the world where the staff are trained in the prophetic and in signs and miracles to minister to the customers who come for wonderful food and leave with the fullness of God visited upon their lives. We plan for a large venue to gather people into regularly scheduled prophetic and signs and wonders events to see the hand of God move and experience the fullness of God and the outpouring of His Spirit throughout the year. We will include ministries of prophetic counseling, dream interpretation, personal prophecy, teaching, preaching and mentoring one on one and with groups small and large.

In short we have a vision for continuing all we have been doing online and extending and expanding those ministries locally for Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 2.25.34 PMthe purpose of ministering, training and deepening the power of what God has been doing in Father’s Heart Ministry since 2007. Many people who have shared this vision have asked for and can now give directly to this expansion of our vision. We currently have a building we are believing God for as well – Branson is filled with many suitable buildings and places to build new as well. The property we are currently focused on is a 69,000 square foot building with more than adequate space for the many ministry programs of Father’s Heart Ministry. Our November “Great Awakening” meeting was held here and in negotiations with the owners the price of the building has been cut almost in half.


We want to make room for God in your life and give you opportunity to give toward into our Vision Building Fund. You may give a one time gift or you may give on a monthly basis as well. In December of 2014 we convened the board of directors of Father’s Heart Ministry and approved the establishing of a bank account specifically for this Vision Building Fund. We thank you for giving this your consideration and giving what the Father tells you to give. The Lord spoke to us earlier this year that when people give – they are GOING where THEY ARE GIVING. Thank you for being a participant in this Vision Building Fund by using the donation links on this page. 


Legal Requirements:

Disclaimer for Discretion Over Designated Funds:

NOTICE: We have a legal obligation to include this disclaimer regarding the gifts given. While this church’s intent is to use all designated gifts for the specific purposes and projects designated, the final authority for the use of all gifts to the church rests with Board of Directors. In exceptional circumstances where the designated purposes are not longer feasible, or has been completed, or for other good cause, the Board of Directors may redirect such gifts to other appropriate ministries or projects, retaining to the extent deemed feasible, the basic original purpose of the designation.

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