The Father says today that the accusations against you are without merit. Every time the enemy accuses you before My throne – the Son leans over and replies “I paid for that shortcoming Father… I died to take the punishment for that sin….” Though the death of the cross was 2000 years ago it is daily applied to your life every time the adversary levels a charge against you.

It is time to stop reading the charges against you says the Father and start believing that the price has been paid. It isn’t necessary for you to justify yourself or explain yourself for you have in fact been justified by the precious blood of Jesus that pays the ransom for the darkest sin you could ever commit.

You are exonerated says the Father. It is time to bring the truth into the open between you and I says the Father. Allow the blood of the cross to be applied even to those areas of your life you are loath to look at in yourself. Receive the cleansing. Receive the washing of My love for you. You are clean says the Father. The price is paid. The enemy who would lay charges against you has been laughed out of the court room of heaven.

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  • Shelley says:

    “The enemy who would lay charges against you has been laughed out of the court room of heaven.” – while this entire word is awesome, this imagery in particular has really helped to sustain me today. Thank you for bringing this word forth, and may God bless you!

  • Geri Mee says:

    I cannot communicate how grateful I am for this word. I cried tears of sheer relief. Sometimes we know something and need reminding of what we know. When I see it written down it really makes a difference.
    God Bless you and your family and love to all.

  • ALL things are possible with GOD! Praise HIS HOLY NAME!!

  • PEARL. says:

    thank’s you lord i am gracefull for you and i thankyou for new mercy everday.i love you in ever fiber of my being and ever marrow of my being thank you to the core of me.

  • Faith says:

    powerful!Thank God the accuser of brethren does not have a case against us.Amen!

  • Judy Lester says:

    Thank You Father for lavishlyprovidingAll,I will need.I love You.

  • You know I have been on a case since last year at the mines. I have been dismissed for the things I did not do,and now my GOD say’s HE has exonerated me.I am serving a wonder working GOD.I am telling you my testimony in advance and in faith,I just got my Job back in Jesus name.Amen

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