dpw-150The Father says today accept the finality of My promise in your life. There is not one promise of My word that does not accrue to your benefit says the Father. I am not holding out on you in any way. Arise in confidence and expectation and I will shower you with goodness, blessing and My favor. My favor is the shield around you that the enemy is hurling himself vainly against. He cannot penetrate My favor toward you because I will not change My mind about you. Yes it is true that you fail, you falter and at times even worse than that – but though you fall I will pick you up. I will pick you up – dust you off and carry you on. So refuse false guilt. I don’t do blame and I don’t do shame. What I do offer is forgiveness and cleansing.

Be cleansed says the Father of all condemnation and sorrow. Refuse to be distracted by the incessant imprecations of the enemy against you. The blood that was shed on Calvary is your cleansing from every sin – past, present and future. Is this then a license for transgression? That isn’t how you think. That isn’t who you are. Receive My cleansing once and for all. Allow Me to cleanse your mind, soul and body from every contamination. It is come-up-higher time for I will not leave you where you are. I am bringing you up into a new experience of My grace and love and forgiveness this day.

Enjoy a Bonus Prophetic Word
from Mandy Butler Galinos:

“I have given My people vision and sight says the Lord. I have given you the ability to “see” the future. I have placed these dreams and visions in your hearts. They are from Me says the Lord. It is like a big jigsaw puzzle. You build it piece by piece and I only give you pieces of sight and vision for what I have planned for you. I usually don’t give it all at once. Bit by bit I counsel you and I make sure you are ready in all ways to receive the next piece of the puzzle.

It is like a joining the dots game. It starts off as you only being able to see one piece of the puzzle, but eventually the whole picture comes into sight. It is worth the wait says the Father, for I am perfectly planning and crafting out these dreams in My secret place. Please be patient. Don’t be in a rush for by doing so you take the joy out of the journey. Be patient and wait on Me. Trust in My timing for it is perfect says the Lord.”

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