The Father says today, I am prospering you IN the battle, not OUT of the battle. I am the Lord of Hosts, says the Father, and the captain of the armies of heaven. I will always move you into enemy territory because there is where the spoil of triumph is, and there is where your travail will pay off in the outpouring of glory and overcoming that you have asked Me for. You put your faith out there, and you took territory and ran up the flag of your testimony on the ground I gave you. That is just the beginning of the conquest I have called you to, says the Father. There are giants out there who aren’t going to lay down and play dead just because you show up. They will threaten, and they will come against you, even those of your own household may point the finger of accusation because they don’t see you through the filter of the shed blood of Calvary. Don’t be discouraged. This is growing up time. Even when you think you’ve arrived, there is still training and positioning needed that you must cooperate with if you are going to have all that I’ve promised.

Say to your heart, “run to the battle…” Tell your fears to be banished from your mind for My promise is that you will always triumph, and you will always prevail. Prevailing is the breath you breathe when others run and hide because they don’t have the spirit of victory that I have placed within you. Even as a young child, there was that restlessness in you to move forward to attain and accomplish. There is holy ambition that burns deep in your soul, and it is put there by My hand to sustain you when discouragement comes and keep you steadfast when all others pitch up and run because they want only the blessing and none of the conflict that leads to full mastery. You are a child of conquest, and I have put the spirit of conquest in you that will not be quenched until your foot is on the enemy’s neck, and you take your place at the table spread for you in the presence of your foes!

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  • Baisey Mokgotho says:

    Yes I am a child of conquest, today i conquered a long standing giant with my testimony, yes I marked my ground by flying the flag of His word over me. I stand to conquer even more!

  • Annastasia Robinson says:

    You know me so well and I thank you for your counsel and the warnings. I will continue to trust in your mercy and goodness that has followed me all my life through it all. Blessings with love my King……

  • Bernard La Chance says:

    Iam a child of conquest to conquer !

  • lucia says:

    I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Amen.

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