dpw-150The Father says today that it is in your power to compress time and bring your breakthrough. The devil is not the one hindering. His power was destroyed 2000 years ago and he has no power from the throne to stand and resist you. The only power the enemy can draw on is the power you give him by responding to his suggestions. When you are dealing with the enemy you are dealing with a created thing with a finite ability to resist and make your life difficult. I have connected you to the resources of the kingdom that formed the universe and spun planets off into space. You are not limited but your enemy is limited. The enemy’s power in your life is measured by the attention you give to what he is doing and what you think he is planning to do. This is not necessary beloved for I have given you power to tread over all the power of the enemy whenever he raises his head out of the abyss to create difficulty for you.

So refuse to be distracted by the enemy and continue seeking the kingdom. Do not listen to what the enemy says because what I AM saying TRUMPS anything Satan can come up with. Disregard those through whom the enemy is speaking. They are blind leaders of the blind who are in love with the sound of their own voice. They delight to disparage and attack you only when they see they have reached into your core and distracted you from your focus upon My throne. Set your attention upon Me and break through the pressure that abounds in your life – break through into My mind, My peace, My righteousness and My joy. Have joy and count it all joy that you face mistreatment and lies and these types of difficulties because that means you have threatened the domain of darkness and become manifestly children of your Father in heaven. I am standing right here says the Father. Reach out and feel the sinews of My strong right arm that is bared RIGHT NOW in your defense. Your victory is assured says the Father so allow your obedience and perseverance to pierce the assault of the enemy and establish you unmovable in My presence and My kingdom.

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