The Father says today that audacity is a virtue. Be audacious in your day says the Father. Be contemptuously audacious in your exploits of love this day. Plan audaciously. Love audaciously. Dare with audacity THIS DAY says the Father. This day go out and pretend that every promise I ever made is true in your life and being made manifest. You were born again into a field of all possibilities. Limitation and deficit is your life is the result of the fall. When I hung My head and gave up the ghost on the cross I cancelled your debts and declared abundance over you.

Love without limits this day. Go out and find one person to pour your love out to like a drink offering worthy of the cross. Surprise someone with the affluence of love. Let every person you meet today be a victim of the outpouring of My love through your life. Waylay some unsuspecting person with buckets and buckets of love.

Love never fails says the Father. When you walk into love you will find it is not a hard hat area. There is NO DANGER in love because love can never be defeated or fail to attain its goal. Infect the least loving person you know today with the overflowing undeniable unflappable love of the Father. Can you feel the excitement? As you release love you release yourself. Love will overturn everything in your life contrary to love.

Today says the Father TODAY I declare the spontaneity of love is going to ambush your enemies and defeat every strategy of hell against you.

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  • Stephanie says:

    I feel the Father watching my thoughts and moves very closely with an eagle eye..for i find myself in situations with confirming direction impeccable guidance as He orders my steps into the unknown fearlessly and triumphantly

  • Vivian Dillard says:

    Remarkable simply Remarkable, God is Remarkable!!!!!!

  • Thank You Father God, once again Your Words are wonderfully moulding me to do Your Will by Your Grace and unfailing Love. Glory be to You Father God! Amen and Amen!

  • Shelley says:

    I love these daily prophetic words! I just read this one and wanted to shout, “WOO-HOOOOOO!” LOL. Another lovely thing about these daily words is that, by changing some “you’s”, “me’s”, and “I’s”, I can turn these into actual prayers over my life, as I just did with this one.

    God bless you, Russ and Kitty, for following the leading of “Shakinah El” (the Holy Spirit)!

  • The word of the day is the first thing I look forward too every single day šŸ™‚ God bless u both!!!

  • Tim Fox says:

    Greater love requires a greater experience.
    Father grant our petitions today.
    Amen Russ and Kitty! Thank you for posting the best word yet!

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