dpw-150The Father says today as you become more God-conscious your eyes and ears will be opened in a new way. Everything around you is taking on a new perspective. That perception is the lens you will be looking through today. The outworking of this is that others will come to the opinion that you are becoming more prophetic than ever before. You aren’t really becoming more prophetic – you are just becoming more like Me – your Papa. You will instantly recognize that is which of the soul and that which is of the Spirit. You will have increased spiritual perceptions even in matters not pertaining to anything important in your life. You will walk into a public place with a room full of strangers and I will cause you to see and know the very secrets of their hearts for My purposes. I am taking the hidden things and revealing them to you.

What I’m telling you says the Father that I am imparting to you today what can only be described as x-ray vision. Those things that are buried, unknown and even hidden to you will become evident not by virtue of suspicion but rather My revelatory gifts. You will move in supernatural gifts at an intuitive level – not a strained artificial level that only mimics the anointing. What are you going to do with this anointed intuition that I have put upon your eyes like eye salve today? Prophecy, wisdom, word of knowledge are going to be in demonstration in your life not for exposing and shaming others – but for loving them and healing them as I have healed you. So go out in your day today and command your eyes to see and your ears to hear. Pour your love like a salve into the wounds of others even those that are self-inflicted because of sinful choices. Through you and what I now anoint you to know and see I am pouring out the most intense – unconditional love you have ever known.

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