russ1The Father says today that your validation comes from Me and not any other source. I am your validation says the Father. Not your station in life or the good opinion of others lends value to your life says the Father. Seek not the honor that comes from men or their viewpoint on the worth of your life or the value of your days. I have anointed you and it is My mantle upon you that is distinguishing you from the vanity of fruitless religious pursuits.

I have not called you to be busy about the matters and assignments that others have dictated from the ivory towers of religious self-importance. They pontificate with the “musts” and their “oughts” but there is one thing that is necessary and one thing only that is transformative says the Father and that is to find your place at My feet and learn My ways. So refrain from even glancing toward those who think their opinions ought to matter. Let My eye and My eye only be that which guides and instructs you and you will fast track yourself into the sooner-not-later destiny that awaits all those who sequester themselves to My influence and Mine only.

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  • Logan says:

    100% relevant. Every sentence.

  • tonya says:

    It is all about pleasing the Lord. He has great plans and thoughts towards us.

    Love not the world. Thank you Russ and Kitty for this Powerful Word.

  • Tamara Brazille says:

    Praise God! Thank you for your ministry, it is such a blessing to me. God bless you!

  • Geri Mee says:

    Wow thank you Daddy! This is exactly what I want too! Amen God Bless Russ and Kitty so much with even more intimacy with God in Jesus Name. Geri

  • Judy Gaudet says:

    People that demand that you do as they say/try to lead you need to be aware….if /when The Father is leading you for you are hearing His Voice as you sit at His Feet/you are leading Bus ways……..Be careful with His work….Thanks Russ for allowing Gods Heart to speak the Truth to His Children.

  • Jean Elkins says:

    Thank You Father , i want to sit in my place with you and your will be done , i submit unto you Oh Lord , i seek to take my place at your feet !!!

  • This is ONLY GOD! Almost every day Father’s words speak directly into my very heart and situation! WHAT AN AMAZING GOD WE SERVE! JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GOD! AMEN

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