The Father says today, the amplitude of My voice in your life is increasing. I am speaking to you in dreams and visions. In the night season, I will talk with you to keep you from pride and keep your foot from the snare of the enemy. Be correctable. Receive My word to the chastisement of your soul, not for detriment but blessing. My word is a staff, and My word is a rod. You will be clean through the word that I speak to you in deep sleep as you lay upon your bed. You will receive My correction and arise with new motivation to align the steps of your feet with the initiatives of My kingdom. You will come out of the stuck place and leave the difficult thorny situations behind and walk in new life.

I put before you a highway of holiness that the wayfaring man though a fool will not err therein. I’ve made exceeding great and precious promises to you, and they are not based on doing everything right. I took your human limitations into account even when I promised you that you would always triumph and always come out ahead in every circumstance. Perfectionism is religious legalism dressed up in other clothes. When I commanded you to walk before Me and be perfect, it has nothing to do with man’s ideals or man’s false and unreachable concepts of perfection that are nothing more than idolatry, which My soul hates. It is time to think differently than those around you and time to jettison the false ideas of religious culture for you’ve never been this way before, says God, and great will be your reward.

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  • Moira Shole says:


  • JIm Carnes says:

    I am glad , joyful to say and refreshed in heart that what you speak daily rings true of the loving righteousness of who God is and what he is about ! Not empty dead words of an educated soul with no relationship ! Truly a heartfelt thanks as I have heard a lot of empty words that rang true but no life ! Book smart relationship dumb ! YOU COME ACROSS AS A WARM FIRM MATTER OF FACT FATHER IN SPIRIT LOVE AND TRUTH ,AWSOME , FATHERS in spirit are few greatly needed ,LOL anything such as a prophetic father ,I say yes . Blessing to you and yours and the team ! Not as a formula but any drawing closer relationship tips with him ,My top desire hunger and priority !

  • Frances McHenry says:

    Father give me ears to hear you more clearly than ever before, and increase my understanding, and give me the courage to obey swiftly,Amen!

  • Ricardo says:

    I bless you and praise you Lord Jesus thank you good even you know that I am but dust do you value me so much that you sent him incredible beautiful lamb to be slain for me we praise you and thank you for this day except your word as life

  • lucia says:

    I agree and accept this word.

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