The Father Says Today: March 19th, 2015
March 19, 2015 Daily Prophetic Word

dpw-150The Father says today that the days of shouting at the enemy are coming to a close. Your authority and spiritual potency does not require shrill or loud denunciations to get the enemy’s attention. Speak your authority. Just by opening your mouth the enemy trembles because he knows I will not allow your words to fall to the ground. This is your portion by My hand says the Father for I have put in you the spirit of a champion. You are walking with Me fully this day says the Father so don’t get distracted by the hype the enemy puts behind his threatenings. He lost 2000 years ago and he is still losing today. When hardship challenges you know this – the parameters of your struggle only define the boundaries of the blessing I am going to pour out upon you as a result.

So when you know My truth in the midst of the pressure you then recognize even the so-called evil report is cause for laughter. The evil report just sets the preamble for the breakthrough miracle I will bring to quench the fiery assaults of the wicked one. You are so destined for victory says the Father. You are so scheduled for blessing because your life is lived out even this day under the cloud of My favor that will bring you to rest when everyone around you is losing their head. Go out in your day and walk in the composure of your confidence in Me for I have proven Myself faithful and will do so again and again until every enemy is put down and My full promise is manifest in your life.

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  2. Hallelujah! I apreciate U and Your household man by God, where would I be without Your help from the #Helper. Indeed the deceiver was a deceit from the begining called satan. He deceived Himself from the beginning as a result. Glory to Jesus blood that saved, He who loves to live good and fulfilled should just ignore and resist Him and that’s truimph, for we have been translated away from Him to the everlasting, reigning Kingdom from everlasting to everlasting God Abba Father. Glory Hallelujah #Thanks Amen

  3. Awesome, God is good, God is love, and light and a Wonderful Person!

  4. This word has spoken into my spirit .Thank you. He never fails. Amen

  5. Amen Amen Amen!! I so receive expectantly for my breakthrough and I thank the Lord for answering with favour and giving me victory over my enemies through his authoritative spoken word. I shall stand and watch the Lord crush satan under His feet on my behalf!!

  6. Yes and Amen.. I will walk In what you have for me..

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