GEThe Father says today that there is no blame in love. You are not to be blamed says the Father as long as you allow the love of My heart to be reflected in your spirit. Love the unlovely. Love the unthankful. Love those who have no intention to ever loving you back. Love them says the Father but love them on MY TERMS and not theirs.

The ungrateful and unloving are very adept and manipulating your tender heart. Do not allow the tenderness in your heart to be savaged and controlled by the perverse demands of those who see your compassion as weakness. There is no fear in love so fear not the backlash from selfish people when you refuse to live your life for them.

Always remember that you are bought with a price. You don’t belong to THEM you belong to ME. They will never appreciate this or tolerate it. Fear not says the Father for those who would merchandise of you will experience the WOODSHED OF GOD. Love fearlessly. Love lavishly. Love with abandon but never for a moment forget whose you are and who your Lord is. Every day as you rise and go about your affairs I will breathe My life within you and My voice will guide you and your destiny will unfold in power and provision and promise.

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  • THE PEARL says:


  • shirley says:

    God bless u everyday i read the message that u upload on ur site. And i know that my abba is speaking to me in every situation where i need to kmow that yes it is him and he is pleased with me amd loves me cares for me. Thx u shirley

  • john bavido says:

    My homework in love today….are those who Christ sends me to who not the way. O lord help me do my home work in thee well.

  • salphina says:

    Thax russ and ketty that’s true love is the greatest of them all. And the profesy is true AMEN

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