The Father says today that this is not the end of something it is the beginning of a new promise. There is a shifting taking place that is re-sculpting the landscape of your life. I am reshaping the spiritual geography around you. There are some familiar landmarks that won’t be there tomorrow and you are going to have to learn to navigate by My “Holy Ghost GPS”.

Did I not say in My word that the valleys would be made a plain and the mountains would be brought down? There have been mountains of adversity that have been permanent fixtures in your life. You have even stopped looking up to see that they are still there. Look again says the Father. I have turned the paper tiger of the enemy’s false threats into dust and ashes.

Break free says the Father. Rejoice in your new found liberty. It is a new day and I am calling to walk in the new paths I have prepared for you.

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  • Neo says:

    Father, I thank you for this encouraging word and I receive it in Jesus name. Thank You Father, I know that you are helping me in all areas of my life.

  • robert jefferies says:

    hey guys,this word is so true for me today,I HAD a major struggle with wrongful thoughts for a long time,now I have noticed they are no longer an issue and am also able to release things to God more so thank you for this word today

  • niels says:

    wow…what an awesome word, recently i received from someone who regularly sends me prophetic messages from the Lord a word that said: where you are today you will not be tomorrow, and new things are coming…..thank you for proclaiming this powerfull word !!

    this is an amazing confirmation…i’m going through rollercoaster situations and having a lot of worries and uneasiness about some things, even though i’m trying to trust the Lord…..but it’s tough to be at peace when things pull on you on every side to get you out of balance…

  • Audrian says:

    Thank you Abba Father, in Jesus name

  • Jeremy Murray says:

    Awesome Word right on target thank you Father!

  • Bart says:

    I have been reading your daily blessing for about a month now and I just wanted to say how much of a blessing they have been. Your prophetic word just speaks to me one on one and I just wanted to thank you for your ministry. I didn’t know if you have a You-Tube channel yet, but if you don’t – this is another great avenue for your ministry. I just started a channel under my name a few months ago and already God is using it greatly. God bless you Russ and Kitty from a thankful brother in Christ. Thanks again. Bart Druckenmiller.

  • Basil. says:

    thanks to you beautiful couple, for the way you use the God`s gift in your life for the betterment of other mankind.

  • NOAH SEKU says:

    i receive it thousand times oh lord in my life in jesus name .

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