Guest Prophetic Intern Darcy Wozney Downing

The Father Says today, go and find all of her! It is time to collect all of the bride, every part, every man, woman and child wide-eyed and asking, “Where can I find a Savior?” My beloved children, there are family members missing from our table. You know them. Your hands have brushed against the backs of My maligned, bruised and broken. Turn your hand toward her and grasp it as I have grasped yours. There is neither rich nor poor at my table, there is no placard that would define you as such. Turn over those cards as I overturned the money changers tables in the synagogues. Announce this day to the heavenlies, “It is time to set the table!”

Overturn the placard in the heart of those who argue it is too late, it doesn’t matter. There are family members missing! On the streets of Gibraltar I hear her cry; my beloved weeping for her Savior! Lost sons and daughters looking in rain puddles at their reflection instead of the One who would hold them, love them and invite them into the deep oceans of My Presence. Will you be my hands to touch their face and tilt it upward to My gaze? It is there where the wealth of the wicked has been stored! In so doing, the scales of injustice will be tilted. I Am here now beloved, to take it back! I am inviting you to join me. Open the door of your heart and let the least of these family members come into the wedding feast. They have not yet received their invitation and their invitation is directly linked to an inheritance like none other. You have noticed them and in so doing you have captured my heart, beloved, my love is awakened.

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