The Father says today that this is a new beginning for you. Old things are passed away. All things are become new. Detach yourself from regrets of the past and move forward. Those things that you can’t change and can’t repair in your own strength – LET GO. I am the God of recovery and restoration. I will bring closure and I will settle every account with fairness and equity. Those who have hurt you, disappointments in life – LEAVE  THAT TO ME says the Father and move on.

In the midst of disappointment and misunderstanding say to yourself “I will go ahead and seek the kingdom.” Go ahead and seek the Kingdom says the Father and don’t be surprised at what crops up as I restore to you that which the enemy has robbed you of and give back to you that which you thought was irretrievably lost.

It’s time to move on says the Father. Relinquish the past. Let go. Trust me for the outcome and know that My hand is at work to will and to do My good pleasure in your behalf.

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  • pearly says:

    Thank you lord I release and let go than you i for give in Jesus name amen.

  • nickcoon7 says:

    Praise God!!! My Lord my God my Every thing ……

  • Kerrie Lawrence says:

    Today I give the pain of the loss of my husband to you Lord. I give the worry over the debts he increased and left me with. Today I realized that I never knew how much I loved him till you asked me to move on, to let him go.

  • John Salzman says:

    How you have spoken to my heart this hour of need. You couldn’t have known how specific your prophesy was as to include my self employment beginnings and my ending 33 years later! Isaiah 43: 18-19 (your quote) was given to me of the Lord the day I inquired of Him for the strength to leave the LAPD and start my self employment career in an insurance agency lasting thirty three years. Now, after years of frustration longing to escape but without funds, we recently heard from God out of Joel 2:25 (your quote) with the key in verse 21. Within five months, we paid off our home loan, paid off every debt and have $255,000 in the bank with even more en route. I needed this confirmed today so I could resign my job on July 10th! Just started prison ministry again and will be going on staff at a local church to the glory of God! Thank you for the times you have spoken directly to our need and I praise God you’re your ministry and gifting! Please continue to speak boldly that which you hear from the Father!
    John & Sheila from Menifee, California

  • john young says:

    to day i visited a new meeting was blessed met a good christian and my daughter blessed me putting a new song up on my facebook all new beginnings thank you russell and kitty

  • Anastasia Robinson says:

    Thank you Father for your hand on my life. I receive your counsel and today it is over, I give you all and trust you are ever working in my life to live to live in you: for now I will sing a new song and shout it from the mountains. I grieve not about the past as that is over, for now it shall spring forth, you have made a way for me by rivers even in the desert where willows grow and birds make their nests. You are my loving Father and I bless you and praise your Holy Name.

  • Shelley says:

    My job is to forgive and release – God does the rest. What a timely word. I agree with God and say, “Yes!”. God bless you all!

  • Neo says:

    Father, I thank you for this encouraging message! this is just what I needed to hear. I receive this word of prophecy over my life, in Jesus name! God bless this ministry!

  • Faithful ,Compassionate ,All Knowing ,Loving Kindness , Prince of PEACE, He is the Great I AM ,Hossanah forever we worship you .

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