The Father says today, learn to be a gatherer of information and not a dispenser of information. Even as young David did in Saul’s house, go in and out wisely and exercise discretion in your words and actions among your peers and those you answer to in leadership. Not everyone around you is going to be as excited about what I am doing in your life as you are. I have taken you to the secret place, and I have revealed things, hidden things that haven’t been common knowledge to common men. Even the Apostle Paul had to learn that some things were not to be repeated. That is the wisdom that will protect you and cause you to avoid those planned things of others in your life that don’t reflect what I have in mind.

Shake the dust of natural things off of your feet and direct your goings in the path I have chosen, even though others look on in wonder and disapproval. They may pipe to you and lament, but that is the game that people play when they get their sense of self-referral from something other than who I am on the inside of their hearts. This is growing up time, and with maturity comes promotion, and with promotion comes a new level of responsibility. What was ok and what was permissible before is now completely off-limits to you. Those thoughts, that conversation, the company you keep, and the activities you busy yourself with now are completely changed as I call you up higher to a new place in My kingdom, a place of authority, seated in heavenly places where prayers are answered, and destiny is realized.

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  • Bernard La Chance says:

    Amen father!

  • A Reed says:

    Lord put a guard over my mouth, tame my tongue that I may only say what you would have me to say. Help me to keep Your plans close to my heart.

    Lord please order my steps according to Your word. Let me not go where you would not have me to go or where you’re not going to be with me. In Jesus name. Amen.

    Thanks for the reminder, I needed this word.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape

  • Nelly Ratsiu says:

    Lord jesus create in me a clean heart. Open my ears and eyes to listen and see your favour upon my life amen

  • Mulwa Joseph says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus Christ.

  • Leatrice D Sanders says:

    Give me Discernment and Wisdom according to this Word Father GOD#Clarity
    I RECEIVE in the Name of JESUS

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