The Father says today, I only work with the willing. My purpose is to establish My benign authority over willing human beings in the earth who will submit to My reign. In yielding to Me, it becomes your portion to experience the infinite joy of My governance in your life. In so doing, I will deploy you and use you to bring about in the earth the ultimate victory over unrighteousness that is the end result of what I am doing in your life in small ways and great ways. This is My purpose in the earth. This is My answer to your question. You may not think there is a causal link between what you are crying out for and what I am establishing, but that is where your trust and confidence in Me factors in.

Do you trust Me, says the Father? Everything and everyone connected with My purpose is busied about with establishing My divine government in the earth. Are you connected with My intentionality? Then of the increase of My government in your life, there will be no end. I will not tolerate the encroachment of the enemy against you. This is your portion daily as you connect with My beneficence and My Lordship as a willing and yielded vessel. I have great and mighty things that I want to do in the earth, and in your life, says the Father, but I need cooperation. Give Me some cooperation, and I will give you the change you have cried out for. I will loose your bonds and free you up for the fullness of all that I have promised.

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  • bee says:

    I feel the exact same way as Naomi. The Lord has spoken to me through his vessel so many times. Thank you for your posts. We stand ready and willing as a new day dawns upon the earth. God Bless you

  • Naomi says:

    I am forever greatful for your messages. I can honestly say I’ve read exactly what I needed every time I come to this page. Bless you and thank you for connecting me to my Lord. Thank you for giving me what I need to hear. Thank you for delivering what the lord wanted me to hear. Thank you so much. Thank you. I love you. Sending much love and gratitude for your existence. You’ve made a difference and for that I pray that the lord continues to bless you abundantly ♥️

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