The Father says today that heaven is coming to earth and your life is My point of first contact. It is time for you lay aside the pessimism and sarcasm that the enemy tempts you to entertain yourself with. Contaminated humor is a pollution and a poison that will infect your soul and bury you in stagnation. I am calling you to simplicity of spirit. I am calling you to return to child-like naiveté regarding My kingdom and My government in your life.

I want you to assume automatically that I will do and be what I said in My word I would do and be. I haven’t made this hard or unattainable. You must make your head to become subject to your heart. This is how your spirit will then begin to rule your soul.

You have wondered what the hindrance was says the Father. I have waited and suggested as gently as I could how you could make adjustments that would provoke the manifestation of My glory. Now you must choose whether you are going to sit in the seat with the scornful or rather to become an audacious kingdom seeker.

You are born for the high places says the Father. It’s time to let the shoreline go and seek that radical relationship with Me you have always wanted.

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  • robert says:

    yes Lord Remove the hindrances and increase maturity to advance your change my mindset I open myself to you and make myself available to you now to the Praise of your Glory!!!

  • Anastasia Robinson says:

    Thank you Lord for Your awesome Love to make the adjustments needed for Your approval . I am humbled by Your instruction and call upon Your merciful heart to strengthen me in this time of trial to be more like you especially with those you’ve given me.

  • Ellen says:

    Thank you Russ & Kitty for this timely word. I am taking heed to My Father’s voice and taking action to position myself to allow the Spirit to help me overcome weaknesses in my personality. Sometime the truth hurt, but I yet appreciate it. May God’s blessings and favour always be with you.

  • Tim Fox says:

    We are being changed from glory to glory.!

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