Russ-08-2012The Father says today that you are a witness bearer. I am going to orchestrate an opportunity for you to bear witness of Me in a dark place. There are hearts that are broken and lives in anguish. Many of My children choose to look the other way because they think they have enough problems of their own. I am not asking you says the Father to take on other people’s problems. I did that upon the cross. For all the work of the kingdom I invite you to participate in – it is still “yoke easy” and “burden light” and I don’t want you to ever forget that.

You are not to make yourself responsible for the problem that you see but rather put your trust and confidence in who I am and what I am capable of doing in behalf of broken lives. It is time to step up and shine. Let My love be revealed through you to others who have no courage to hope that things will get better. It is true that they created much of the problem they now blame Me for. Let My love and My grace shine upon them this day says the Father. Look past your own struggles and become a beacon of hope to these hopeless lives.

In ancient times Job in all his suffering finally chose to listen to My voice and when he listened I gave him the grace to pray for his friends. He prayed even for those who made his burden heavy with accusation and fault finding. He prayed for his friends and in so doing I broke off of him the assault of the enemy and restore his life beyond all expectation. That is the restoration I am prepared to do in your life says the Father. So rejoice and embrace this assignment of love for I will and have already been working on the other side of things to bring you to wholeness and blessing beyond all your expectations.

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  • Neo says:

    Thank you Father, I receive this word in Jesus name!

  • Jeremy says:

    Thank you what a word of encouragement it speaks to me in volumes!!! I know it’s a miracle how I got in touch with this ministry. One day I was praying for the Fathers Heart to speak to me, and I received an email the next day from Father’s Heart Ministry. I never even heard of this ministry, and I have no idea how the email got to me I never signed up it’s a miracle. But I have to tell you this ministry has changed my life to know the Father’s mind and will, his love that I never knew was so profound. To speak through my brother and sister Russ & Kitty it’s has blessed me to do things I would have never done without hearing the direction of the Spirit. I am a financial partner of this ministry and I encourage everyone to do so it has blessed me financially greatly and spiritually. Thanks to you both for your obedience to the call of God you are truly humble people full of God’s Heart!!!

  • Ellen Mahan says:

    Yes that’s for me too.

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