Russ-Feb-2013aThe Father says today that the sky is not falling the KINGDOM is COMING! The kingdom is determining current events NOT the media networks or the politicians or some clandestine strategy of hell. Lest you forget says the Father your adversary was defeated at the cross. When the enemy subverts your joy and attacks your testimony take a moment to inquire of the dark one and ask him:

“How does it feel to play for the losing team?”

You are not JUST a conqueror says the Father you are MORE than a conqueror! What does that look like? You are MORE than a conqueror, you are a PRINCIPALITY and a POWER. Heaven perseveres in your life until your enemy quivers under your feet and renders up the spoil. So when the enemy assaults you and threatens you and rails against My promise in your life take a moment to read between the lines.

If you listen closely the ENEMY whispers under his breath “I am a loser… I can’t touch you because you are covered by the blood of Christ… You are spiritually superior to me because the Christ lives in power inside of you. I am defeated I just hope you don’t figure that out or my doom will hasten…”

Be of good courage says the Father. This is your hour and your season of ascension. Your worst days are behind you. Your better days are ahead. No more crying in the night. No more groping in darkness. I am coming through for you on time and on target to manifest the enlargement of your coasts and securing of every border in your life.

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  • THE PEARL says:


  • Kate says:

    I had to chuckle whilst reading this for the enemy is shaking in his boots right now! After reading your posting I happened to turn a page in this scripture book I’m reading and it came upon that scripture that says, “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth!” 1 John 2:20 It was listed under the subject of Wisdom. So it takes God’s Holy Spirit within to tell us what the enemy is up to and thank God we have Him on board to tell us! The Almighty God was “A Mastermind” when He gave us His Holy Spirit! I don’t know how others are feeling but I do feel a process of spiritual ascension going on!

  • ishana says:

    i love You Lord Jesus….prophets russ and kitty..i am totally blown away by your daily prophecies, every day your prophecies speaks volumes about my situation and you answer every hidden question in my heart. I BLESS YOUR MINISTRY IN THE NAME OF CHRIST JESUS..

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