dpw-150The Father says today not everyone is going to be happy about all I do in your life. Purpose now to lavish your love upon the unappreciative and those who leave troubled waters in their wake. Your assignment is to abide in the vine not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. There will be those who come to you with contaminated fruit. They speak from a sense knowledge perspective but I have called you to see through the lens of the shed blood of Calvary. Even when facing those who consider themselves your enemies make it your determination to “see the Lamb” and respond to them NOT according to their PROBLEM but according to their NEED.

Ascend says the Father. Make it your purpose this day to ascend into the Law of Love that you might become a LORD of the HARVEST. When you walk according to the higher law of love the grave cannot hold you. When you walk according to the law of love you become a master of the law of sowing and reaping. You can call for a failed harvest of unkind words and selfish actions. You can command a seed to produce before it hits the ground. You can walk through walls of prejudice and hatred to set the captives free who are held bound by their own flawed religious thinking. Love never fails says the Father. Why would you ever step out of love? A step out of love is a step into failure. I say to you COME UP HIGHER. I have not called you to failure but to ascend by the ladder of love into the throne on high that I have prepare for you even this day.

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