Russ-Feb-2013x150The Father says today that I am your defender against all challengers. You are not going to have to defend yourself. You are not going to have to come up with answers for why you have made decisions you have made because the opinion of man does not matter. There are those who will say they do not understand what you have purposed and what you have done but in reality they understand they just don’t agree. It is not your job to convince them. I am your defense and I am your defender says the Father and I will vindicate the decisions that I call upon you to make.

You cannot please both God and man says the Father. Men are not going to understand the course I bid you to take at times. I will give you trusted counselors but there will still be those moments you will have to go it alone and step out in audacious obedience. Those are the water walking moments and in those moments I will be the solidity of your path and the surety of the outcome you have trusted Me for.

I am sending you to the broken and fractured with a word of healing. They have been impugned and judged and put down but you will give a word of grace and forgiveness. You will realize that I overlooked and forgave much and because I have forgiven you much you will also forgive great transgression and egregious sins in the lives of others. In so doing you will be impugned along with those malefactors even as I was when they counted Me among the transgressors. These are times of rejoicing for the judgments wherewith they reproach you will fall on Me and in so doing you will please your Father in heaven.

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  • the pearl. says:

    yes lord forgive me for i know you know my thought’s yes lord i will gladly do as you have written, these thing’s are very hard just as they were for you, but you did the will of your father which in heaven.please lord keep guiding me with your wisdom ,knowledge,and understanding,with decernment, and enlighting me, that i will bless to be a blessing, for i am very much miss understood that i fight my self, for i am full with hurt, but have have truly forgiven much for the blessing you have install in me for other and they treat me so hurtfull but it you that did all i was just a vessel in doing so i hurt so deeply for how we have displease you,i repend my lord for all of us, bless my daughter and grandkid’s my jesus and my family also lord, i fill on this earth all along and would love to live in the land of the living and know what is really light to have joy peace happyness and love,all the attack’s and so much evil my pain i see in my kid’s and grandkid’s we made a lot of wrong decision and i repend for all our wrong and for the world, ilove you jesus with every fiber of my being i am sorry lord i would love to give but i don’t have fiancal like i would like some time just penny’s not even to do my hair nail’s like other lady’s to fell good inside and out,my self esteen is look i fill like i am in bondge by bad decision i made and i don’t want my daughter to fill that pain,for i see it i love my kid’s and grangkid’s spiritual kid’s ,godkid’s barabara and other afriend’s but i love you more with every fiber of my being and that i don’t every want to change i love you more.

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