dpw-150The Father says today all things are possible, only believe. Religious thinking wants to limit that saying says the Father, even as it does all of the unqualified faith statements found in My word. I say to you Ask what you will and it will be given you. You do not have to overcome My reluctance to move in your life because I have none. I say to you that I place no premium upon denial or refusal to answer the cry of your heart. The enemy of your soul has maligned and defamed My name as though I sit as Lord of the universe yet refuse to release those mere pittances that you ask Me for. Did I not say in My word that it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom? Know this says the Father, that righteousness, peace and joy are yours. My righteousness – the blood bought entitlement of heaven, is yours. I have put the signet ring of My authority upon your hand, and you need only display and invoke My name to see answers and deliverance come.

So enter this day into a new simplicity and vision.  Where there is no vision there is perishing! Come into a new simplicity of faith even as a little child who holds out his hand and cannot conceive of it coming back empty. I will not deny you – neither will I delay the answer. I will answer speedily says the Father. That is Who I am, that is what I do, so run to Me, make a break away from the ranks of dead religion into living, vital entitlement as My son and My daughter. Aim high says the Father for where there is no vision there is perishing! I have not called you to perish, but I’ve called you to survive and I’ve called you to thrive and I’ve called you to ascend. Even as I said to Moses “see” I have made you a god to Pharaoh. Even as I said to Joshua “see” I have given you the city of Jericho. It is not wrong to visualize for you are of that generation that will dream dreams and that will see visions and I will cause those visions to become a reality in your life and shake the earth with the vitality of the spiritual strength and character that I am manifesting in your life experience.

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