dpw-150The Father says today that you are not worthless. The enemy has tried to tell you that you are good for nothing, but you are not good for nothing even as I said in My word. I take notice, even when the sparrows fall, and you are of much more value than many, many sparrows says the Father. Adjust your thinking and begin to see yourself as one for whom the purchase price of Calvary was abundantly expensed, that you might be brought out of the domain of darkness into the kingdom of My dear son. I do not merely call you servants says the Father, you are more than a servant, I call you sons. I call you beloved daughters. I call you that one upon whom I will dote and that one on whom I will pour out My favor – even My unconditional love. My default answer towards you when you cry to Me is always yes. I have bestowed upon you the “yes and amen” for you have taken shelter in My name. My name is a high tower and those that run into it will be saved. So run into My name says the Father. Run into My “yes” and My “amen”. The door is open and the way has been made clear by the purchase price of Calvary.

I know that this is not what has been taught in the councils of the self-important and the uninformed says the Father. Make it your purpose to be a Father pleaser and listen to My voice, I am calling you to My word and to come up out of a religious mentality, that you might begin to think the thoughts that the shed blood of Calvary made possible. Let My thought to become your thoughts, your purposes, and your pursuits. This is the romance of heaven says the Father. I have not purchased you as a widow but I have purchased you as a bride. Adjust your prayers this day – praying not as a widow to an unjust judge, but as a bride, one who is betrothed to her Beloved – knowing that I will respond in full measure to cleanse, to redeem, to deliver and transition you in the highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

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