dpw-150The Father says today receive of My goodness. The doom and gloomers are pronouncing judgment but always upon SOMEONE ELSE, overlooking their own disqualification! If I am to judge and make war upon the earth says the Father, tell Me what was the purpose of the cross? 2000 years ago all the world stood poised on the brink of destruction and yet I chose in that moment to send the Only Begotten. What part of “I am a GOOD GOD” is not getting through to those with shrill, condemnatory, religious mentalities? I am a GOOD GOD and My GOODNESS is being shed abroad upon the earth. I am a GOOD GOD and there is no beginning or end to My goodness says the Father. I am good in the Alpha and I am good in the Omega. I am First good and I am Last good and it is from My goodness that I am showering you with My favor this day.

So be not dismayed nor discouraged by the evil reports tendered by those who claim to speak for Me. If I was who they say I am all the cosmos would be vaporized into nonexistence in a moment of time. Hear Me now says the Father:

They’ve got Me all wrong.

To the law, and to the testimony, and to the cross that you might see, and that you might know that My linear purpose through time is for the intention of bringing about My goodness, My loving kindness, and My favor upon an undeserving world. They shall see Me, and they shall be like Me for they shall see Me as I am. So adopt this day the I AM mentality and all those things in your life that call for judgment and punishment will evaporate under the influence of My presence as I bring you into My image.

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