DSC04639The Father says today be interruptible. Be flexible and bendable as to your plans and your expectations. Elijah didn’t know the very moment I would send the fiery chariots to take him to his promotion. Neither did Enoch know that I would take him to Myself. I have many suddenlies in store for you. The day ahead for you will be anything but predictable. There are answers to prayer that you have laid out before Me. Your expectations are that those answers will be long in coming. But there are things that you have put far off that are going to be on your doorstep tomorrow morning.

I am the God of time and therefore I am neither bound by time nor restricted by past, present or future. Seek My face says the Father and I will unveil the past and cause you to understand the path you have been walking. I will shatter the illusions of the present and give you stark clarity as to your current situation. I will draw back the curtains of tomorrow and will reveal exactly what is ahead. You will see it and know it as My grace and mercy to prepare you for the full reception of My goodness. You see says your Father that because you are IN Me and I am IN YOU – you are no longer a time bound creature. Though you measure the days and months and years you are however walking in eternity even know and will go in and out and find the pastures of My blessing as an ever present provender for your life.

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