The Father says today, you will see of the travail of your soul and be satisfied. As you have travailed, so you will bring forth. As you bring forth, you will be established. As you are established, so shall you advance and take territory and hold ground in My kingdom. I am a God of conquest and a God of war. The enemy ranged against you is falling into disarray and the angelic host surrounding you are taking ranks to provide you an impenetrable wall of spiritual protection that will not be breached. Enter into the shelter of My wings, says the Father. Experience the overshadowing of My favor that holds you secure and takes you through the challenge. This is your day of victory because this day I am sending you forth both conquering and to conquer.

Drink deeply of My peace this day, says the Father. Draw within yourself the joy of My Spirit and the peace that passes understanding. My peace is taking you where your limited knowledge can never go. Let go of all analysis and questioning. Just roll over on your back on the River of Life and let the current take you whithersoever it will. You can trust the eddies and currents of My Spirit for they lead you to a table spread before you in the midst of your enemies. You will eat and be full, with the enemy in full sight raging at his own impotence to take from you what I have so freely given. Come to the glory place in Me this day, says the Father. Enter in by the strait gate on the path that I have illuminated. Make the hard decision. Cut off all other options. Press in and lay hold, for you will come to victory and triumph in Me, even this day.

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  • Lashanna Williams says:

    Thank you so much for continuously giving us the word of God.. This has blessed my life and continues to help me when Im feeling low.. Thank you.

  • Dr. Deborah A Bonner says:

    Please pray for us l am my husband are embarking on an Abrahamic covenant journey. I was reluctant to go with him when God gave him directions a few months ago because I had been with the church for many years. I believe because of my disobedience all kind of things have been coming against us financially, physically, mentally and spiritually. We are called to Evangelize the nation. I didn’t want ever displease God ever. Please pray man and woman of God. My funds are limited now a check has been held up and things are bills are coming against me.

  • Sikiratu Ode says:

    Hallelujah the word today tallies with what l heard in a gathering today. There is none like our God, only one God Jehovah.

  • Bernard La Chance says:

    I receive the victory&trump this day! In jesus name.

  • JOSEPH MULWA says:

    Amen glory to God,thank you Jesus.I receive in Jesus name .

  • Inga says:

    I freely receive that word and I am so thankful. God is so good. Amen and Amen.

  • Robearh says:

    Thanks be tis very day ! God. I receive thy words spoken this day. I enter on the straight path Lord God, you have illuminated before me this day. All Glory, Honor, and Praises lifted up unto thee Abba Father. I love you. I am Blessed of thee evermore. Amen !

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