Houstonx200The Father says today that I am coming into the earth in a mighty visitation. This visitation of My Spirit which you shall witness and yes, participate in will destroy spiritual indifference. The grasslands of the Serengeti will be swept by angel reapers bringing the justice and potency of My kingdom to a spiritually emaciated people. The plains of Kansas will awake to a torrential outpouring of My Spirit that will awaken the slumbering and thousands and tens of thousands of Midwesterners will discover the alcoves of prayer where nations are changed and kings and leaders made to tremble.

The coastal areas of the United States will experience a simultaneous immigrant zeal and an outpouring of My Spirit characterized by love, tolerance and passion for My presence. The machinations and manipulations of religious activity will cease and be usurped and replaced by a genuine and authentic resonance of My tangible glory that will defy description even by the most hardened agnostic. The relevance of My church and My people will once again thrust them into the fore front of society and no longer following behind in pitiful attempts to emulate the tactics of unenlightened men.

You see says the Father I am arranging and rearranging the expectations of men about what I will and won’t do. It has been said it wouldn’t happen in this place or that place but I am God and I can do anything I want any time I want and I don’t have to check with anyone. You have experienced a sense of exclusion and have longed to be in the throes of My glory and I have heard your cry and will surround you in the fires of My presence and in My presence My child CHANGE will come – and HEALING – and RESTORATION. So strengthen your heart and prepare and expect for this is not a distant purpose but a NOW reality says the Father.

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