dpw-150The Father says today this is a time to praise and not to panic. Examine your responses to life’s challenges today. Know that whatever is going on in your life it didn’t catch Me by surprise. Beloved, I am not pacing before the throne wringing My hands wondering how I am going to get you out of the mess you are in. If I am for you then WHO can be against you? What makes others this tremble in fear should cause you to simply shrug your shoulders and remark glibly “if God is for me who can be against me?” I am for you says the Father. There are those with religious mentalities who are so clueless that they rather suggest that I am actually the one “doing it” to you. Makes you wonder what bible they have been reading does it not?

I am for you says the Father. Know that I am for you. I am with you says the Father. Know that I am with you. You will come out of this and every other challenge in life just as the Israelites did – laden down with the spoils of the enemy. I don’t do things in small ways – I am a big God and I work BIG miracles in CONSPICOUS WAYS that make it abundantly clear that YOU are the object of My favor and the recipient of My affection. So sit down, take a breath and just know how much I love you. There are days that you will feel overwhelmed this is true. When you feel that coming on you just kneel down and kiss the hand of the One who loves you. I am working behind the scenes even if it doesn’t look like it. When you feel like you are falling short know this that the enemy is way more depressed, weary, tired and frustrated than you are. He just doesn’t get why I don’t let him loose on you – but the enemy just like those with religious mentality don’t understand that I love you, I favor you and guess what beloved? You win!

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