The Father Says Today: April 12th, 2015
April 12, 2015 Daily Prophetic Word

dpw-150The Father says today that the angel of change comes to initiate the change. The change you have cried out for. The change you have petitioned My hand to see is upon you. As the Israelites when they left Egypt – eat your meat with your sandals upon your feet and your staff in your hand. You are leaving some things behind and you are moving into new territory. Get ready. Prepare. Obey. Respond to the tug of My Spirit as I lead you not by the sternness of the law but the breadth of My grace and love and mercy.

Transformation and change begin within and proceed out from there. Be the example. Be the exemplar of willingness to bend and willingness to change. Do not grieve My Spirit by clinging to old ways of thinking and judging. Leave off all judgment and condemnation. Stop allowing others to hand you their prejudices as though they were the arbiters of My truth. Reject the opinions of men and their false authority and knowledge. Open yourself to the breath of heaven that will blow over your life to cleanse and renew and strengthen you for the new day that is upon you.

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"11" Comments
  1. Yes Lord, we have put off our old selves and put on the new man (Ephesians 4:22-24). By Your breath, may we be cleansed, renewed, and strengthened!

  2. Awesome. Just what we need ..thank you x

  3. Amen my Lord I receive it!!!! I am following your lead Thank You Jesus.

  4. I kept feeling like I”m on the cusp of something. a change around the corner! You are in the midst of me and any change that is coming!

  5. Wow. I receive. Breath upon me Lord, break the bondage and falseness off of me. Glory be to be to God.

  6. Glory Hallelujah! I anticipate and Iam aware and appreciate Your compassionate lovingkindness to raise us up in the fulness of Your son, u refined me #Thanks Amen

  7. Thank You, Abba Father, this is what my heart was asking for you to do, for you know my heart and my
    YES, YES, YES, come angels, come, bring it on, Father God, I’m Ready, as Ready can be, lead me guide
    me every step of the way, take my hand, help me, let me not fall, for I desire to please you in every way.
    Amen ! Hugs Russ & Kitty

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