Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.


To read the 1000’s of testimonies others have shared see below. Thank you! 


From STEVE SCHULTZ of ELIJAHLIST: “…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to it (personal prophecy from you) TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014

Wow – I just have to tell you that the timing of your prophetic word’s delivery by email was quite miraculous! It came through just as I was about to inbox you to tell you that we are at a critical juncture and really need a prophetic word. Thank you so much – words cannot begin to express how much this word meant and how it confirms the ache in my spirit being. God is so good – so faithful – His timing is perfect! God bless you and dear Kitty.

Thank you so much for this word. I was tears after listening to the clip because it was nothing but the truth… I am lost for words…

Wow I was totally blown away by this word. It is the most accurate word I have ever gotten in my entire Christian life.

The prophecy given over my life was such a powerful confirmation and intense destiny word. It is a culmination of 25 years of my life in Christ.

My life has been changed and is now emerging in what God spoke to me through your ministry.

You gave me a 2012 word last year in November and already things have begun to come to pass. Thank God for this ministry.

The word Russell gave me was in great detail to the exact plan the Lord show me. This gives me great confidence to press on!!

Your prophetic word is absolutely right on target!!!

There is no way that Russ and Kitty would know these things if the Lord had not revealed it to them!

We are amazed. How awesome to [receive] profound revelation about the things to come.

Thank you so much. It was a confirming and encouraging word. I needed clarity and received what I needed.

Russ, thank you. You were so exact in the statement you said before you read my request. It was repeating what a prophet said previously.

I received a prophetic word last week, and yesterday I went for a job interview. As [the prophecy] said so it was, I landed a great new job!

Wow. The word delivered immediately spoke with a father’s love. There is an anointing even in his voice and I receive the word he gave in Jesus name and with great anticipation!

I am overwhelmed with the word! Confirmation, confirmation, confirmation!

The words you spoke to me have help propel me to another dimension in God. Thank you so much!

I received my prophecy today and it was wonderful. The word was accurate and right on time.

This prophetic word from the Lord; it was truly a word of encouragement, direction and promise.

The prophecy I received was very accurate and only God knows exactly how I was feeling.

I played the audio message over and over again, and truly am blessed, excited and joyful of what God is preparing me for.

Thank you is not enough. Only the Lord knew what you revealed to me.

Russ and Kitty you are indeed messengers of God.  Today’s prophecy has really touched me.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!   My prophecy is soooooo right on! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The word was accurate and was encouraging and was going along with what GOD was already showing me.

Thank you SO much for seeking prophetically for me!  You have no idea how much it means to me.

I thank God for the gift of prophecy given to you both.  It is a blessing.  The words spoken were true and from the Lord.

You honestly REALLY DO HEAR THE LORD!!  EVERYTHING that you wrote about regarding my relationship with God is what you described.    I have received many profound prophecies in my lifetime. However, this one from you shook me to my very soul.

Thank you so much for the word! It truly blessed my socks off!!! The tears just streamed down my face as I listened to you prophesy into my life.

Thank you for the word, it was encouraging and accurate. It touched me so much I started weeping.

You guys are amazing in God and your ministry has impacted greatly in my life.

The word was definitely spot on, and yes it was encouraging. I also train at a school of the Holy Spirit. Your ministry is definitely God ordained and truly and a blessing.

I have been wonderfully blessed by the prayers, prophetic words, and counseling that I received from Russ during my time of need.

Wow! Thank you so much for your ministry! The word I received was amazingly accurate, rich and potent.

I just received my prophesy and awestruck about the things which are described in the prophecy which are hundred percent true.

…My God, My God, My God I can’t tell you how much Brother Walden that I have been yearning literally for a straight up prophetic word that was concrete, with no peeping around the bushes. I tell you that God spoke to you with so much clarity. Every thing you said was on point. When I heard your word I ran around shouting. God bless you and your wife tremendously…

… all that you have shared with me from God’s heart confirmed many details of the visions God has given me concerning my commissioning and calling…

… I wanted to see if this was a hoax or were you really going to be accurate.  I was wrong and I’ll admit that.  Russ was very accurate and also he shared the Father’s heart.  The word given was clear, and direct and honest.  I couldn’t have asked for more …

Wow!  I am blown away by your personal prophesy over me. It is an amazing confirmation. What a gift and ministry you have! Thank you so very much.

While Prophet Russ was speaking, I closed my eyes, lifted my hands to Heaven, and began to weep.  I receive this very encouraging and powerful word from the Lord.  Thank you so much for bringing this to us!

l wait like a deer panting with thirst in search for water to quench her thirst. That’s the only way l can describe the way l await to hear what the Lord is speaking through you. Be it in my quiet times, or on the bus l just have this feeling of euphoria like yes, yes, Father have your way Lord. In such a time as this Prophet Russ and Kitty you are the voice in the dessert calling.

I just received Gods word for me and the tears started to flow with such a heavy presence of the Lord around me. I have been praying for answers from God and now I have a peace knowing he is directing my path. Thank you prophet of God. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry..,

…I am blessed every time i open my daily prophetic word. I find God himself standing and speaking His life to me. It must have been God directing me to Google this website…

…I received a word from the Lord through Russell.  It was 100% accurate. In the past I’ve been skeptical of the prophetic (because of other prophetic voices-that didn’t mirror the Holy Spirit).  I prayed and felt the Lord led me to request a prophetic word. The word spoke about specific areas one of which was regarding a house. It’s amazing because only the Holy Spirit knew that I was in the midst of purchasing a home, and going through all the steps needed to buy it. The Lord indeed spoke I would have favor and it came to pass – I purchased my home! When I went to finalize everything, my mortgage monthly payments were less then what was previously told! God is AWESOME! This is just a SMALL detail of the prophetic word I received. I could go on and on. Thank you JESUS! THANK YOU TO RUSSELL AND KITTY WALDEN!

…The Word I received was a direct hit from what I had been hearing from the Lord. It was the specific confirmation I needed for a step I was to take in my life.  The Word was as clear as it could be for the direction I was to take and to step and trust the Father. Russ and Kitty, your obedience to the Lord is much appreciated…

…This word  very personal and just what I needed to hear. I almost gave up on myself but once again I feel like I can make it.  Thank you  prophet Walden for delivering to me the Fathers Heart…

… in the last few days my husband and I have been hearing the FATHER speak to us … pertaining to our circumstances. It has been such an encouragement and now my confidence has been built up Russ and Kitty thank you for the time you spend to HEAR and SPEAK to us.

…Prophet Russell, how awesome you are through Jesus Christ. To be in a position to hear from the Lord and know clearly, what he is saying and enviable.  I appreciate you so much and look forward everyday to the refreshing Word of the Lord you will bring.  Thank you for your website…

… I would like to thank God for sending you into my life. I have been receiving your prophetic words for a month now and God has been spoken to be through them clearly. Every time I pray about something God would answer me through you. Through your words I have received my calling and my ministry. Doors are opening after 7 years. Opportunities are flowing in. Now I am also prophesying to people. May God bless your ministry…

Thank you for the word from God that I received today for me personally. I have longed for so long to have a prophecy for me personally and this has touched my heart and soul much deeper and in a much more powerful way than you might ever know. It was powerful, liberating and a stirring confirmation of what God has been dealing with me over the last couple of months. A very, very great burden has been lifted from my heart.  Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to bring so much hope and relief through the direct Word of God to so many people…

Thank you so much for the personal prophecy, It was right in line with what’s going on in my life. The word gave gave great direction towards following Gods plan to open the windows of Heaven & pour out a Blessing!! I also look forward to the daily word and share it with others! It always is right on point!

Thank you for the personal prophetic word.   It was so right on with what God was speaking to me. Such confirmation. Qhen most everyone around me saw the negative, yet in my heart I knew it was from Him.  Thank you again for using the gift He has given you.  Blessings to you both in abundance!!

In November 2011, I received a word from Russ. In my request I focused mainly on my job and had questions about that … I purposefully left my ministry vision at one line only. The Holy Spirit gave Russ the revelation of the vision that God had given me, and spoke words of confirmation, affirmation and exhortation with revelation that only God could have given Him, 100% accurate. I submited it to my pastor, who in turn encouraged me to take immediate action and sow a seed in the spirit before the end of the year, the date was December 18th. Now 10 months later I will be officially launching the Jesus Passion House of Prayer here in Quebec, Canada all because alignment came through that prophetic word from this Prophet Russ Walden. Thank you Russ and Kitty for your labor of love…

God wonderfully bless you both! I believe the HOLY SPIRIT has so taken over your whole being that you sit in Angels SEATS!!!  Truly your ministry is named correctly. With the ringing truths and convictions and abundant love pouring out of your pure hearts, how can one remain the same? The Lord has used you in His power and Glory to help me get back on page!!! Thank you so much for your examples of TRUE LOVE FROM the FATHERS’ HEART! Such a pure GIFT. I pray that my Gift will one day become as PURE. Thank  you for being there for the hurting souls who have taken a wrong turn or gotten stuck somewhere.The Lord Loves you being a beacon…

… I want to personally thank Prophet Russell and Kitty for allowing themselves to listen to the Father and share with us. God bless you. I feel that each day God our Father has been so intense in His Words because He loves us so much. Glory be to God!

Thank you Russ and Kitty for word that you gave.  It was really encouraging it confirmed things in my life.  I appreciate your heart transfer from the love of the father.  It is a real blessing looking forward to seeing the things you spoke over me to take place…

… With all my heart I thank God and Prophet Russell and Kitty for allowing themselves to be a great blessing upon my life… The prophetic words spoken and written daily words which I have great pleasure in reading and accepting are truly gems for my life …

Thank you Russ and Kitty for the gift that you give.  It is unfolding and becoming more clear to me.  I want to thank you so much for taking the time to pray into this request.  The heart of the Father is with you!  May God bless you and yes I will be sowing.  I am thankful and really appreciate the daily words too.

… Each day I awake with an open mind to hear and this word consistently prepares and causes me to inquire for direction for the day. Not only has the daily words blessed me but also close friends that I have shared the website with have been equally blessed. Often times the word confirms conversations held the previous. The breakthrough words are life changing and they push you forward. Words cannot fully communicate the life these words bring to my spirit. Through Gods words the prophets bring the timely answer to questions I didn’t know to ask. The latest breakthrough word regarding finances was an immediate response to a question I asked of God this morning. Thank you Jesus…

I just want to say thank you for your words everyday. I have cancer and going through a really hard time right now.I have felt alone at times, but ready words everyday from God help guide me through everyday. Thank you so much for what you do. You are trully aman of God.

The breakthrough word for September has done marvelous things for me in my emotions, mind and spirit. I don’t know how to thank you enough for this ministry. Please continue the good work.

…By faith, I receive in Jesus Name, this is exactly what I have been waiting to hear, this very moment of my life. Thank you Prophet Russ and Kitty, for empowering me with such a wonderful and inspirational message of my life. To God be the Glory for using you both in this way, I am so exited and delighted and can go on and on and on.  I receive it in Jesus Name…

The September Word! Wow! Right on! Praise the Lord! The heart of the Father is so vibrant in you Russ! What a blessing you are to the BELOVED!!  I thank God for you both and the ministry He has given you!!  You gave me a word from the Father back in May of this year and let me tell you it was awesome and amazing – – the most powerful word I have ever heard. Not only that but as my dear friends have listened to it, they themselves have received breakthrough and insight into their lives!! Hallelujah!!

I cannot believe it!  Well, I can, but am still stunned. I sat stunned and had to rewind the word part way through, then listened again twice more.  Every single word hit home.  Exactly what has been going on and what is going on was touched.  The word spoke right where He says He has me is exactly where He has me.  I just could not believe, not knowing you at all, how precisely the word you received fit.  This excited me, and so I purposefully went back and listened to August’s.  To my amazement, stunned all over again, as IT TOO also fit hand in glove with everything that did actually take place and the things that have been happening.  Thank you for bringing the Word.  God bless!

… I thank you. For the word you sent was in tune to what GOD has been telling me and it is always good to get confirmation from his prophets today word is also on target for me thank you for your heart to hear from the farther may GOD continue to use you both…

Thank You very much for praying and for sharing the accurate and very encouraging word straight from The Father’s Heart! It is refreshing and relevant, gives confirmation and revelation regarding  my request. It reveals direction by the Word and addresses prior concerns, situations. Russ and Kitty, your deep study in the Word and in communion, prayer with the Lord is bearing much fruit! To those reading, you do not want to miss this opportunity to receive through this prophetic ministry! Praise The Lord!

… Thank you for being such obedient, fluent vessels of the Lord, to faithfully pour out His word on a daily basis. We have personally been tracking with every word that has been coming forth lately. Today’s word was an answer to an inquiry, as we are a house church meeting in a home, and have been praying about is it time to move to a building. The Father says above I don’t need a building permit to build Myself into you. HO HO HA HA!!!! He doesn’t need a building to continue building us!!!! An answer in due season!

Thank you Prophets Kitty and Russell, your prophetic words today are light for my path. This word helps me to keep my focus on the Father and know that the intense warfare is intended to derail. Your words are so accurate for what I am experiencing. I thank God for speaking through you. It gives me courage to keep pressing into God and not look to the left or the right, but have singleness of heart. That is to please The Father. God bless you and your ministry richly. I pray every need is met, and every desire is fulfilled in Jesus name.

Thank you Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden I am truly blessed each and every day I receive my Prophetic word from You. I know it can only be God Speaking to you because each time I get a word from you it is on point as to what I may be Going through or how I am feeling, now I can say God is receiving all of my prayers and he catches every tear drop that falls thank you again my God continue to use you to bring his word to us all man and woman od God you are a blessing to me and many others out there. Bless You

Really, this is so encouraging! Thanks and glory be to God for speaking so clearly and it is such an impact on my life that I just want to hear more of the Father’s Heart, I want to hear His Voice everyday. Thank you Prophet Russel & Kitty for allowing God to speak through you and for teaching me to hear to listen, too. God bless you.

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  • Glory to God for today’s Word.I receive it in Jesus name. The Lord used you to talk to my situation..Thank you so much. “Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

  • Thank you so much for today’s Word 28-06-19. This is my Word. I felt so much encouraged. Most of the things mentioned I was praying for them.

  • Thank you for today Word of encouragement. I am lifted me high. That is my Word. I receive the Word in Jesus name.

  • Drazis says:

    Thank, You the word was very accurate and gave me depper insight and wisdom into all that god has for me and what i am to do.

  • Reuben says:

    Praise be to God,I’m so encouraged and uplifted by words of prophesy spoken to my life through you pastor. It opened my eyes and shade light to my confirmed a deep an silent voice have been hearing deep inside my heart.I trust its accuracy and I know God is working to fulfil His word over my life.He His a faithful God. May the Lord God bless you and enriched you pastor.

  • Thank you so much for the Word. It really touched my heart. I felt rejuvenated. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry in Jesus name I pray.

  • Dean says:

    Received prophecy from Rhonda, came right on time, the beach is very significant to me thank you, haven’t had anything to do with a butterscotch horse in my past or present so im thinking it must be something in the future and I’ll be on the look out for it. Very detailed accurate encouraging word
    Thank you and God bless

  • Nikiel says:

    Thank you for your time of seeking the Lord to hear from him just for me. I am somewhat ar a loss of words with the prophetic word I received. It was filling, encouraging, strengthening, loving and confirming all at the same time! I purposely wanted to hear from a prophet that did not know me at all, and I tell you God’s Word is true. I will definitely be sowing my seed. God bless you Russ and Kitty Walden.

  • lorin23 says:

    I received the most beautiful insightful and very true to my life, as well as a Revelatory Word from Valerie Cummings on May 1, 2019. All of the Words I receive from FHM are absolutely amazing and wonderful. I have been so blessed! I felt to do a shoutout to Valerie since I was so delayed with feedback.

  • Lisa says:

    It’s a real thing. It’s a gift that they have. That many of us have. The beauty in it is that it will either resonate with your spirit or not. If it does, I believe it’s of God, if it does not resonate with your spirit, then it does not and probably is not of God, and you will know whether it’s a word(s) lisafor you or not. These are my beliefs to date. My opinions on the fly from my experiences with the prophetic words from this ministry that I have received, and each one I have received was right on.

    Always read your Bible, attend church, have fellowship, and know God gives you prophetic words personally, those are all just as important. I believe God will confirm messages to us believers and possibly even non believers in more ways than one.

    Russ & Kitty care about this ministry and I believe they care about training up others with their support to reach the world.

    Thank you FHM prayer warriors and volunteers and interns and more. You’ve all made a difference in my life and heart these lasts weeks and more.

  • Jayarao says:

    I’m running a church in Hyderabad are you willing to support old age home and orphanage home tq

  • Merylene says:

    I like to thank God Almighty to send you in my life .Since I received the Prophetic word my life is changing day after day ..Thank you for encourage me and for the wonderful word.
    Every word that you say is real,I can see it s happening in my life.
    My life is different now I am no longer the same person who was full of fear & doubt .You give me hope to live and to see how much God loves and I must put trust in him.I believe what you have said will take place in my life .May the GOD ALMIGHTY bless your ministry.
    And increase all the days & the year of you life.
    May HE reward you in Heaven.You are doing good job in Kingdom of God..Glory to God Amen

  • Selena Randall says:

    Prophet Russ and Kitty, the prophetic word given unto me had edifies, encouraged and uplifted me. It has already started to happen. You confirmed somethings I had been feeling and seeing. The word has given me new life and direction for where I was am headed. I receive this word for my life. I Thank God for you all living a life poured out for others to see the hand of God!!

  • Belinda says:

    I cannot begin to tell you just how thankful I am for your ministry..really you have been a blessing in my life. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

    And I received a personal prophecy for 2019 and I’m already seing God’s hand in my life in ways I cannot imagine.

    Thank you very much.

  • Rachel says:

    The daily prophetic word is spot on
    You clearly hear from God
    You speak to my situation especially now when I’m going through a rough path
    I’m sending it to a friend and she’s very encouraged having to stand in a spiritual raging battle
    Thank you so much
    God bless you

  • A stewart says:

    The personal prophetic word was thorough, on point and very timely.

  • Lisa Tierney says:

    Russ and Kitty, I received a prophetic word, One that came just at the RIGHT time. Divine Time! What you said by the Father within weeks started to manifest. as this has happened I was greatly encouraged and now I go back to this word aswell as my own He shares with me to help me look only to Him. I am able to thank Him for what is YET to come to Pass. even though we live by Faith, Its good to have this :) God bless you both from the Uk. With that it has fed my spirit hope and encouragement where there has been non. I speak SHALOM to you both

  • Kat says:

    Thank for your prophecy. There is no doubt in my mind that it was God-given.

  • Pearson Banda says:

    Precise word from the Lord, May you be blessed mightily by Father God.Hallelujah

  • O'Muabè says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic word I got. It has filled me up with so much hope and I’m very hopeful and optimistic that my miracle is on the way. I pray that the good Lord will bless you and your ministry abundantly in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Karen Lynne Lynne Bickford says:

    I received a Word from Pastor Russell in November and am very appreciative of it. As with prophecy, I am waiting for the Lord to confirm it. Many things seem to fit with the direction the Lord has been giving me. I did give a donation. Thank you very much and God Bless you!

  • Robin says:

    I’m so glad for this words. I have been trapped almost in two years, and couldn’t get myself up. I couldn’t leave what I should leave. I tried so many times. But this words, gave me new powers, new wisdom and a new hope, to continue my way with the LORD! Continue in joy. I love you Jesus. <3

  • Prophet Russ and Kitty. I reply to your last email Nov. 25 in this site yesterday. Anyways. Thank you very much to the prophetic word you given to me both timely and accurate. The DPW I received everyday I’m in awe and teary every time i read it. And also the follow up prophetic you given to me, I’ll follow your advice to pray for it in my life. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless your ministry forever.

  • Danny says:

    I made a request for a prophetic word and the reply and follow up that I got was as though; they knew exactly what was going on in my mind
    . To God be the glory. Great things he has done.

  • Deborah Cardinale says:

    Hallelujah,Praise God I received a word from Prophet Jim Fox from FHM and was so touched by the way he ministered to me, it truly resonated with me! Every time i even whisper to ask the father a question or think out loud He hears me and assures me and bring to life the scripture, I will not leave you nor forsake you along with many others. Thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing the father to use you to break up and dismantle the lies of the enemy. Your word stirred me up with the love and fire of God. May the father richly bless you and your ministry 100 fold!!!

  • Deborah Cardinale says:

    Thank-you again Prophet Russ and Kitty for the last word i received. Again, it was so encouraging and very timely and accurate. It blessed and ministered directly to my heart. I am so enjoying your school online,as well as Bible Studies on Morning Light . Your teachings are so full of wisdom and truth.God bless you two for all that you put into us in the Fathers love.

  • Deborah Cardinale says:

    Bless God, Received Prophetic Counseling From Prophet Russ and Kitty over the phone In January ,Was Stunned! Everything i was asking the father about and for was exact and point on confirmation and word !!!! I actually was jumping up and down in my room with tears of joy as it was so precise! I am so full of gratitude and honor for not only his word but for also for his Ministry! I was in the middle of a transition surrounded by everything new and was so intrigued over the 3 areas that was prophesied to me.I also have to mention the love and compassion of This beautiful amazing couple. There school that i am in online has caused me to grow in so many ways as i am more activated and flowing.Now I am not boasting in them but who they are in Christ as they display the character of Jesus,and are totally surrendered and set apart to their calling,full of integrity used in all the father has for them. Thank-you Prophet Russ and Kitty not only for who and whose you are but for all that you do. You both are a true inspiration who not only touched my life but many others.May Father God richly bless you.

  • Michelle Plunkett says:

    Praise the lord! Awesome prophetic word received August 16 peerfect timeing.I was actually waiting on a word from god not knowing where it’s coming from but deep in my heart I knew that god will give me a word. This prophetic word could not be more accurate. WOW! God is Awesome! It’s like your were speaking to my heart. Today i feel so renewed and ready to walk in gods glory.
    Thank you Pastor Russ and Kitty for the accurate prophetic word!

  • I appreciated your word from God for me both times. I’m seeking, seeking God!

  • Akinbowale Adewumi says:

    The prophetic message bring encouragement and address my need.

  • Robearh says:

    Awesome Prophetic word received for July 2018 Accurate, Thank you Father’s Heart Ministry. True to heart. Always a blessing unto me.

  • Rachel Shoemaker says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty. The word I received was both timely and accurate. I have been in a season where God has been hidden from me…. I didn’t hear Him or see Him. You said in the prophetic word… “You are hidden in the secret place with Me.” I have learned much from this season. Your word was not only encouraging to me but brought new hope into my heart. Thank you for your ministry. You are truly speaking the heart of God.

  • Maureen D Fogel says:

    Thank you for being dedicated to building up the believers in Christ who trudge thru the myriad of voices in everyday life trying to separate thru until we find the voice of the Heart of God. Since life tends to layer itself upon us regularly, sometimes it can become so easy to get caught up in it and lose our hearing. There have many many mornings that I have opened my e mail and the word left for me was like a wonderful Christmas present under a Christmas tree. It lifted my very weary soul and gently guided me out from within the cords of negativity wrapped around my soul and lifted me in hope to believe that the Lord is still there…I have been gently guided and lifted to a higher realm, where the Lord is, and beckoned to “come higher”… Many times as after reading my word of the day I would think to myself and marvel at the fact that it would have taken me so very long to “see ” what was propheticly spoken because my cobwebs were so thick and the doubts so dark. The Bible says that the Lord is the glory and the lifter of my head… He used you so many times to “lift” my head and for that I am so so so thankful because it is putting me on a faster track to me cooperating with his working in my life!!

  • painterchar says:

    Prophet Russ spoke that I would “do something even if it is wrong” which meant to me, that I am moving forward with relentless pursuit!! I needed to hear those words! Also, the battle has been intense against me, and in the prophetic Word, Russ spoke that the illegitimate things spoken against me would not be able to stand and also that those who have run roughshod over me will have another thing coming. Wow, it blesses me to know the Lord is watching my back, with such a vengeance! Thank you Russ, for being very plain speaking, honest, and forthright in your ministry, and also very down to earth!! It really blessed me so much!

  • Valerie Welsh says:

    Thank you for speaking God’s word of encouragement over my life for 2018.
    God bless Father’s Heart Ministries.

  • Carol Slover says:

    Thank you for the good and encouraging word.

  • Akinbowale Adewumi says:

    I received the messages from the Prophet and volunteers in the Father’s Heart Ministry. God bless you for your love, time, and the comforting messages, as I believes God for the impossible to happen in this month of February, 2018. Thanks once again, God bless you richly.

  • Kori Bonilla says:

    Thank you Russ for your email today. It brought tears to my eyes when I first read it. As I read it, it touched my heart and I receive the words of the Lord. I have re-read it several times. I love it and can’t wait to see it come to pass. But I have questions and wanna know more. Thank you for taking the time to email and listen to the Lord on my behalf. Blessings to you and your ministry. I look forwarf to hearing more from you. God bless. It is my turn! In Jesus’ name. Amen

  • Nathan says:

    I received a word from you mid December. The word that I received has ministered to me greatly. I thank God that He is using you to exhort and equip so many in the body. Thank you so much Russ and Kitty for your ministry.

  • Jane says:

    Thank you! Loved the confirmation about the Ancient Gates.

  • Kevin Kane says:

    I would like to thank you for the prophetic word it was accurate and know it came from God. I wish I was able to sow a financial seed into your ministry but I’m not currently working right now, however when I do get working I definitely will.

  • Irina says:

    Thank you very much for your ministry and devotion to Father’s purposes in your life. May He bless you and all yours!!!! What you do is very important for God’s church here on Earth.

  • Pat J McDonald says:

    Awesome accurate prophetic word from Prophet Russ. I would reccomend this ministry to anyone. Very accurate word so blessed by it.

  • Judy Renton says:

    Dear Russ, Kitty and Team,

    I received your word today. Thank you. This and other recent words have given me hope for the future for my son and I.
    Since the death of my husband, I have encountered horrific times of transition and loss and had my Mother’s heart broken over what my son in enduring. God has restored my son to Himself and now I await his restoration to our home in the near future.
    I am the member of a church in the new city, closer to my son in his need, but even they haven’t been able to stay by my side without negative input, so I took time out to recover with the Lord. I have returned to fellowship this week, but changed.
    Thank you for your support, prophetic word and prayer. I live in Australia.

    God bless,


  • Akinbowale Adewumi says:

    Thanks for the prophetic word received today. And I believed the word being fulfilled in the appointment time of God.

  • Regina Fairbairn says:

    Blessings Pastor Apostel Russ and Kitty,
    Many thanks for taking the time to seek The Father for a specific Word for me.
    tHis Word is accurate and is surely a conformation of some images I was seeing in the Spirit but couldn’t make any sense of what these of this is. Also the names as Samson, the wall of Jericho and many more you mentioned make more sense to me now and gave me a push in the right direction that the thoughts and images that I was seeing were not my own imagination, but God who is speaking to me a teaching who He speaks to me in so many different ways.
    I gave a donation in September and will donate again.
    May God keep blessing you and the rest of the prophetic team continuously.

    Kind regards, Rinia ( is my birth name that was given but I never used it before now)

  • Denise Faye Brown says:

    Dear Pastors Kitty and Russ,

    Today is not the first nor only time that my daily prophecy has been on point and on time with what was happening with me.
    I thank you for taking out time to speak into my life and help me follow after God’s will for me. Today you really were hitting it exactly right.
    Again I thank you for direction and instruction.

    p.s. I am a member of a local church, but sometimes it is good to hear from God through others who know nothing about your personal life/situation.

    God bless, Denise

  • Matt says:

    Father’s Heart Ministry,
    Thank you for my prophetic word. It was both encouraging and liberating. At times, when you are under attack and going through trials, you wonder if you are all alone. Your word confirmed that I’m not and that reinforcements are on the way….Hallelujah. I also was surprised to learn that I’m up for kingdom promotion and additional blessings, something that never even crossed my mind. Thank you for obedience in ministry and allowing the Lord to speak to me through you.

  • Kelly Nigh says:

    Thank you Russ and Betty for Words of reminder, encouragement and direction and things to work on.

  • Grace says:

    Prophet Russ thank you so much truly.. I was patient understanding the heavy load of prophetic requests you have.. the word touched me and meant alot really resonated with circumstance and I am even going to ask God if I should place this word on my website. You said the word travail of my soul and that could not have been more accurately spoken. Speaking in tongues felt so powerful as well and my weary soul needed this word.. Thank you so much for the time and effort taken to do this for me. The Lord God rewards faithfully

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