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  • I love Russ & Kitty Walden they have been Gods invaluable messengers of truth, their prophecies are the most accurate Rehma word. Thank you Father for these two treasures from Heaven.

  • Denice de Wet says:

    I appreciate your daily word and would really appreciate a Prophetic word for 2017, thank you

  • valerie says:

    I appreciate ur ppl Russ an Kitty God send ur ppl in my life I would really like a prophetice word for 2017 thank you

  • Cheryl Butler says:

    I so much look forward to your daily prophetic word and I will continue to sow into this ministry. I would really appreciate a prophetic word for the year 2017 thank you. God Bless.

  • Martha says:

    Thank you, true blessings from Christ Jesus

  • Martha says:

    Thanking and praising out Lord for using this fam.

  • Martha says:

    Thanking and praising our Lord for using this fam.

  • Ann says:

    you a realy a blessing. i am asking 4 a prophetic year 4 2017.

  • Anjorin Lucia Francisca says:

    I appreciate your love and father’s words for my life thanks so much. Please I would like to request for 2017 prophetic words thanks so much.

  • Lesego says:

    I am still shaken by the personal because immediately after its been one confirmation after the other

  • Mercy says:

    You have in recent years be an absolute blessing in my life and that of my family members.May God Almighty continue to use you mightily. I’ll appreciate if I can receive a personal prophecy come 2017.

  • Tina says:

    Thank God for using you as prophets to the nations with such humility and full if love and respect for the spiritual needs for God’s people. Your teachings are unique, full of spiritual insight revelation and understanding. The word comes with love. For Kitty she is just too lovely and cheerful with such Godly humour and full of smiles and encouragement I was fortunate to attend the prophetic school and an intercessor for FHM.

  • SANTI says:

    I need help.i want speak with Pastor.I trying many t

  • SANTI says:

    Help me..i need to speak with Pastor.I’m trying to make an appointment but it not work.

  • Ainsley Dangar says:

    I need to know am I going to receive any more prophecy for everyday why have you st

  • Lucia Francisca Anjorin says:

    good evening prophet please I haven’t receive message for the past three days now? hope no problem sir. May God continue to be with you. Amen

  • Patricia says:

    Quite accurate words. I’m grateful for your labor of love. Quick question: What’s the difference between a prophetic word and a prophetic word for 2017? I’ve requested both.

  • sweetkitty77 says:

    The Walden’s with their full steam ahead/no matter what commitment, have truly helped in a very profound way to change the course of my life. There is no doubt of their authenticity, and I was at a point where I trusted no one, no one, not even 1 person. They are full of integrity, they are consistently consistent, they are true servants of God. I know they have got to know more about me than I care to know about myself, and they judge not, they don’t falter, fail, draw back… Its obvious they are fully comfortable in the great office of the prophetic; there needs to be more people in every area of the church who catch this anointing where they are ministering with this precious spirit of acceptance of people, that says, “Come as you are; its okay, we get it, just like God gets it. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it doesn’t matter where you are right now, what matters is that you are here; we see where you’re going because we see you as the Father see’s you and you’re going to love you when you arrive, so why not just love yourself right now?” I have never spoken to the Walden’s personally, and thats exactly how they’ve made me feel. Its been as powerful as if I heard them say it and by just simply being who they are, in Jesus; and I love them for it, right now and forever. I want an article of clothing with some blood sweat or tears on it; I’m not picky, lol (such sweet fruit of the spirit) The world is a much better place with Russ and Kitty in it. Blessings to All.

  • Nkeng franca says:

    What is all about prophecy

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