ed-200Prophetic Word to Canada and First Nations People

Prophet Russ Walden prophesies over Canada, Alberta, and the First Nations People – a powerful and redemption word speaking to the future in God for a mighty outpouring, blessing and kingdom promotion for Canada, Alberta, the city of Edmonton and the First Nations People. TRANSCRIPT:

To Canada and the First Nation Peoples:

I saw a map of Canada and it turned completely white and the hand of God came down and picked it up and began to shake it like a saltshaker over the US and over all the earth. The latter rain revival that began in North Battleford, Saskatchewan is about to come to life again in a modern context of what God is currently saying and doing not only in Canada but in the earth. Canada has been a nation God has used to preserve the fruits of His harvest through many moves of God and once again I am spreading the hands of My harvest over this nation to affect the world in global proportions says the Father. There is a group of intercessors in the Hudson Bay area who have been interceding with tears and strong crying over a map of Canada and I have identified Edmonton and North Battleford as a hotspot of coming revival. The very young and the very old will come together and I will marry the generations says the Father. A new day of outpouring and renewal is coming. A new house is being built in the earth and its lodge pole sits squarely between Alberta and Sasketchewan.

Darcy – I’m going to send an apostle your way from the North Battlefield area. He is battlescarred and wizened with age but the fire of God is still in his belly. There will be a marrying of the generations for a greater works ministry that Holy Fire Fellowship will be ground zero for. Begin to see that in the days ahead you are going to have to build and build again. Young people who come from an orphan generation are going to stream out of Edmonton because they will find in you and Miranda what they haven’t found on the streets of the city. They will be pierced, and tattooed and many of them ravaged by the immorality of their culture but they will cling to you and Miranda and call you papa and mamma even in the Cree language. I will bring an avalanche of young people into your ministry says the Father because of the heart that you have is the heart of the Father.

The Father says Darcy – in your family line there was a seer of generations past who didn’t even know who Jesus was but he looked down his family line like looking through a straw or a pipe and he saw your day and rejoiced. He saw you and he spoke of God’s plan for your life as best he could articulate it. One day I will validate that fact and prove to you that it is so.

The Lord had me look up the history of the Cree in this area and according to a Cree Cultural website maintained by the nation of Canada the plains Cree practiced a Rain Dance that was also known as the “Thirst Dance”. The Father says that that thirst is still in the people today. They have tried in vain to quench that thirst with outside culture. They have tried to quench that thirst with alcohol and other things but the Father says to the First Nations people “I am that living water that as you come unto Me and drink – you will never thirst again!”

My hand is moving in a redemptive way among the First Nations People not to overthrow their culture but to redeem who they are as a revelation of My kingdom says the Father. Get ready, Get ready, Get Ready!!! What the Cree people got right in generations past is going to correct what white civilization got wrong when it came to these lands and I will raise up a NEW PEOPLE whose identity will not be according to their ethnic past but according to the ethnicity found in the kingdom of God a NEW PEOPLE walking in My blessing and My favor.

I’m going to take the fruit of the ground – the oil reserves and pour them out – the oil business in the next ten years will begin to see a greater boom than it has ever known and it’s dividends will find their way to kingdom purpose. Those who come in to make merchandise and exploit the people and the working class I will expose and expel and raise up righteous men and women who will be used to greatly transform the lives of the people from their homes to every area of their lives says the Father.

So the Father says rejoice! For the sky isn’t falling the kingdom is coming. Your lives are not being lived out subject to the economy of man but the economy of God. I am bringing a new day into the earth for Edmonton and for Alberta and the nation of Canada. The seeds of renewal and revival will once again be cast like salt over the earth and there will be acknowledgement and favor shown to those that have stood and believed and continued to walk in love and expectation of all that I am doing. Rejoice says the Father for your blessing time has come.

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