Christmas-2014x150Two years ago a lady received a prophetic word about broken relationships and desiring companionship in her life. We sent her a word and after two years she followed up recently with a question that showed her frustration:

“It has been 2 years now since the prophesy you sent to me. I’m still single after going through relationships that don’t work out. Why is that?“

The answer we gave her will help anyone dealing with prophetic words that haven’t come to pass and you don’t understand why:

“Dear <name withheld> go back and listen to the prophetic word. Did you write it down or just file it and forget it? Did you turn it into prayer or just take a “wait and see attitude”. Read 1 Tim. 1:18: prophecies spoken over your life are intended by God to be a weapon. If you don’t believe this then you have to reject the apostleship of Paul because he is the one that said it. Prophetic words over your life will do little good unless you DO something with them.

Did you “put it on the shelf” or did you turn it into prayer and pray into the promise it contained?

Also prophetic words are conditional and provisional – what did you do to align with the promise God gave? Are there specific things mentioned in the word you could do or stop doing that you didn’t address?

Personal prophecy is never about “wait and see” – you must do something. Of course every word must be judged and confirmed but when you have a confirmed word from God you must ACT. What was the last thing God told you to do? Go back and do that and you will begin to see forward momentum out of your “stuck place”

Make a commitment to activate Matt. 6:33 in your life – SEEK THE KINGDOM and “all things will be added…”

Things are the way they are because of what you are doing. If you want something different you must do something different – OR NOTHING CHANGES. If Matthew 6:33 isn’t true for you then the word of God fails where you are concerned – and we know that the word of God never fails. The promise of God is sure. God will not leave you out … look for these things and pray into these things and God will lead and direct you to the place of breakthrough….

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