Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden at Dunamis Fellowship – Las Vegas (February 2017)

Praise God! Below you will find audio links for the messages and words given by Prophet Russ and Kitty Walden at Dunamis Fellowship in February 2017. Thanks SO MUCH to our hosts Andrew and Amber Walker for giving us the honor to wash your feet in the prophetic.

Note: If you do not see a prophetic word for yourself below and you requested or attended these meetings PLEASE USE the “Request Link” above to make your request if you wish to receive a personal prophetic word. Make sure you mention “Las Vegas” in your request so we can prioritize our response back to you. God bless!

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Aaron Walker.mp3

Adrian Cerriteno.mp3

Adriana and Ramiro Gomez.mp3

Aduana Hatter.mp3

Aileen Walker.mp3

Aimee Walker.mp3

Alicia Martinez.mp3

Alicia Sailors.mp3

Alma Barraza.mp3

Alyssandra Hanley.mp3

Amber Walker.mp3

Andew Dolver.mp3

Andrew and Amber Walker – 2.mp3

Andrew and Amber Walker.mp3

Angel Osorio.mp3

Ann Castro.mp3

Anne Gilroy.mp3

Araceli Osorio.mp3

Art and Ana Saauedra.mp3

Autumn Carroll.mp3

Ayanet Osorio.mp3

Barbara McCrary.mp3

Benjamin and Janice Tice.mp3

Bob Klein.mp3

Bonnie Krzysiak.mp3

Brenda Morrison.mp3

Carlus Nedd.mp3

Carmen Brady.mp3

Carol Bietler.mp3

Cassandra Osorio.mp3

Chantelle White.mp3

Charlie Maldonado.mp3

Cheri Novak.mp3

Chris Cowan.mp3

Christian Salmon.mp3

Christine Klein.mp3

Cindy Todd.mp3

Clayton and Jane Chan.mp3

Craig and Dara Rowe.mp3

Dale Wolfe.mp3

Daniel Walker.mp3


David and Ashley Rice.mp3

Dean and Joy Stewart.mp3

Dean and Joy.mp3

Deborah Brai.mp3

Dennis Vincent.mp3

Dennis and Linney Walker.mp3

Dixie Ardoin.mp3

Donald Ebonka.mp3

Donna (Pink Blouse).mp3

Donna Clemmons.mp3

Donna Devlin.mp3

Drew Limas.mp3

Ellen and Rick Mony.mp3

Eloise Yanez.mp3

Elva Decker.mp3

Elvia Maldonado.mp3

Everardo Lujan.mp3

Fiona Johnson.mp3

Fred Rudkin – 2.mp3

Fred Rudkin.mp3

Frederick Bietler.mp3

Geri Carey.mp3

Gloria (in the back).mp3

Gloria Alluia.mp3

Hector Carrasco.mp3

Hugolino Cerriteno.mp3

Imani Maldonado.mp3

Jacquie Balodis.mp3

Jake and Jill.mp3

James Yanez.mp3

James and Allie Cadigan.mp3

Jayden Maldonado.mp3

Joshua White.mp3

Juanita Drapp.mp3

Julia Lujan.mp3

Juliet Affonso.mp3

Kaitlin Walker.mp3

Karen Vasquez.mp3

Katherine Vasquez.mp3

Katherine Walker_.mp3

Kathy Hansen.mp3

Keith and Christine Love.mp3

Kellye (Keyboardist).mp3

Kenny Miramontes.mp3

Kerrie Markson.mp3

Kinsey Walker.mp3

Krystal Holmes.mp3

Lauretta McGowan.mp3

Leslie McCormick.mp3

Liliana Cerriteno.mp3

Linda Pape.mp3

Linda Taraskiewicz.mp3

Lorraine Taraskiewicz.mp3

Mary Fajardo.mp3

Michael Carey.mp3

Michael Johnson.mp3

Michael Yanez.mp3

Michele Herrera.mp3

Miguel Zeon.mp3

Mitch Sanders.mp3

Nadeia Smith.mp3

Naomi Miramontes.mp3


Noe Anzorena.mp3

Noreine Rogers.mp3

Olga Lazaro.mp3

Paul and Mercy Upke.mp3

Pete LaClaire.mp3

Peter Raykov.mp3

Peter Sagadraca.mp3

Prophecy to Motorcycle Riders in the Congregation.mp3

Puay Salmon.mp3

Queenie Reeves.mp3

Quionnes Carroll.mp3

Ramiro Lazaro.mp3

Raymond Smith.mp3


Richard Rendon.mp3

Richard Salmon.mp3

Robert Burrer II.mp3

Ron Hansen.mp3

Rosemary Garrison.mp3

Sage Smith.mp3

Samuel Guatemala.mp3

Scott Leonhardt.mp3

Sherry Smith.mp3

Shirla Smith.mp3

Sonic Espinosa.mp3

Stacey Beane.mp3

Stephanie Schwartz.mp3

Stephen L_Rush.mp3

Stephen Olson.mp3

Stephen Rush.mp3

Steve Bryan.mp3

Steve and Lucy Smith.mp3

Steven Bronston.mp3

Susan Walker.mp3

TIm and Diana Donahue.mp3

Teresa Ollison.mp3

Tim Pape.mp3

Tim and Diana.mp3

Tracy Fields.mp3

Trevor Hurdle.mp3

Trish Glatter.mp3

Trish Hart.mp3

Veronica Anzorena.mp3

Veronica Madlock.mp3

Vickie Herrold.mp3

Vivian Lott.mp3

Werner Maldonado.mp3

Yesenia Rivera.mp3

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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