Morning Light – June11th, 2014: Impact of Blame on Your LIfe (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Seven] When Pharaoh blamed Moses for the troubles in Egypt – God made Moses a “god” to Pharaoh. This transaction has implications for our lives that we need to be aware of.

The Father Says Today: June 11th, 2014

The Father says today that I am rising up in history and rising up in the earth and riding the crest of praise that has been lifted up to Me. Your praises are the staging ground from which I work. You have asked for miracles and you have asked for signs and they are available in fact they are all around you. I am breaking into your life with new purpose and new fire. Sweep away the ashes of past disappointments. You have camped there long enough. You are ready says the Father. You are ready for change and change … (click link or title to continue)

NEW Prophetic Training Resource!

Introducing our NEW Prophetic Training Resource! This course is now WEB SITE based with videos and lessons – (below) is the LINK to the NEW Web-site based Videos and Lessons! We are very excited about this MAJOR upgrade to the prophetic internship we have been doing for some time. We have graduated just under 800 students in the last three years. This new format will make things EASY and ACCESSIBLE for you – click on the link to discover more!

Morning Light – June 10th, 2014: Prevailing with Difficult People (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Six] God reveals His strategy for bringing difficult people in your circumstance into compliance with His plan for your life. Explore with us where free will meets the soveriegnty of God.

The Father Says Today: June 10th, 2014

The Father says today I’ve got you surrounded, you might as well give up! You might as well surrender to My love because Love is who I am and Love never fails. Go ahead says the Father – give yourself up to My goodness. Empty your hands of those paltry and meaningless things you have feared would become loss to you. Go ahead – count all but loss that your might gain the Christ anointing that is released to you this day. Surrender says the Father. Surrender – I’ve got you surrounded! You are surrounded by My love and you … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: June 9th, 2014

The Father says today that there is no other name under heaven other than the name I have given you. I have given you My name and ratified the power of My name with the blood of My own dear son. Beloved if I have withheld not My son from you then what in your mind would I possibly deny you? If I gave you heaven’s best how shall I not freely give you every other LESSER gift? Break down the tyranny of what your mind says and what circumstance may assert contrary to My promise. Know that I am … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: June 8th, 2014

The Father says today that My love for you is a love that reaches and rescues you. I am your refuge says the Father and I am your rescue from all the threats of the enemy. I know your longing and your desires. I know that which your eyes have longed to see and that hope for which your heart has been famished in waiting for. Receive the witness of My Spirit today that says “all is well…” All is well says the Father! All is well for My love is undiminished. All is well for My hand is unrestrained. … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: June 7th, 2014

The Father says today there is a thunder on the horizon of your life. The beneficial rains of My Spirit are vectoring in on your life today. Close your eyes to the parched and the dry “here and now” and smell the fresh, moisture laden wind of My presence finding its way to your life. I will moisten you and drench you and fill you with all the rivulets of My goodness and blessing. Yes says the Father the dry season is over. The cracked and dry earth of your hopes are breaking forth with the forgotten harvests of obedience … (click link or title to continue)