The Father Says Today: September 6th, 2012

The Father says today that the voice crying in the wilderness leads you OUT and not IN to the dry places. It doesn’t take a prophet to identify the wrath to come says the Father. The doom and gloomers have seen some things coming upon the earth but that isn’t the whole story. The Kingdom is coming and the kingdom is RIGHTEOUSNESS, JOY AND PEACE. My government is on the increase in the earth says the Father. My government isn’t superintended by political process – My government reigns in SOVERIEGNTY over the political process. It’s not by MIGHT nor by POWER but by My Spirit says the Father that I will do the things in the earth that I am going to do. I work … (click link or title to continue)

Breakthrough Prophetic Word September 2012

Breakthrough Prophetic Words
Breakthrough Prophetic Word September 2012

Breakthrough Word for September 2012 The Father says that I am not bound by history or by the past. The past does not reign in sovereignty over Me on the contrary I reign in sovereignty over TIME and ETERNITY. As a garment I am rolling up the marred tapestry of the past in your life and discarding and revising the heartbreak that would otherwise define your future. Your past says the Father will not dictate your future. It is the nature of My grace and the character of what I am doing in your life RIGHT NOW. I am injecting the FINGER of GOD into your past and obliterating the tracks of desperation and heartache. You have wondered and despaired at times saying in yourself … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: September 5th, 2012

The Father says today I have appointed you to continual ascension in Me. Set your affections on things above not on things of earth. Earth’s treasuries will accrue to your favor when you set your focus upon the Throne. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof. What part of earth’s needs and wants do you imagine I would deny you? I’m not on a budget says the Father. My eye is not withdrawn from the necessary and needful things that represent My blessing on your life. Let’s get past the want of things says the Father and begin to rule and reign from the blood bought position I founded for you in the heavens. I am the Creator God and as Creator God I … (click link or title to continue)

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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