I saw two scriptures yesterday that speak to the unrest in the country. The first is Ex. 23:9 “You will not vex the stranger in your midst.” Who is the stranger? It would be the person different from you (different color, different ethnicity, not from your country). The officer that killed George Floyd would not have handled his own son or next-door neighbor in the manner that killed this man that was a stranger to him. Laws must be enforced but a police officer is not exempt from “do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We are living in the threshold of a time in history that will lead to white people become a minority in this country as Hispanic, black and other minorities combined will outnumber white people over the next 10-20 years. Reciprocity is a dynamic that drives social shift and history. That should give us pause (white people) as we look over our white picket fences at the violence in our inner cities right now.

What about the riots? Exodus 23:2 “You will not follow the multitude to do evil…” Rioting and destroying the lives and livelihoods of others has no justification. Just because the crowds are gathering and everyone is throwing rocks or burning buildings or looting doesn’t mean you have the right to do so all in the name of social justice. The majority of arrests are of people from out of state who came to incite unrest – members of revolutionary groups who want to see change by any means necessary. The communities that are burning will take years to recover if ever. Men and women who rose up out of poverty and opened businesses not in affluent neighborhoods but in tough neighborhoods they grew up in were showing their commitment to where they came from. God bless them and give them the courage to rebuild.

What should happen? Ecc. 8:1 says “when sentence against evil is delayed wickedness grows worse and worse in the hearts of men…” Justice should not be delayed or mitigated by the fact that this man wears a badge. I’ve heard police officers, young guys boast “I love being a police officer in this town because I can do whatever I want and nobody can tell me anything…” I heard that with my own ears. Justice should be swift, sure, and impartial to the fact that this man wears blue. Likewise, justice should be swift and unswerving against those who are rioting regardless of color, income inequity, or predicting current events such as the tragic death of George Floyd.

I find it remarkable that passages written 4000 years ago were so apt to current events. My second thought was what can I as a white, middle-class American do to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem? I’ve heard all the arguments “I never owned a slave, or benefited from my race…” But the fact is that I don’t lay awake at night wondering if one of my three boys or many male grandchildren are going to die in police custody. I’ve never woke up to a siren and wondered if a knock would come at the door and find that one of my boys was dead at the hands of a police officer. It’s chilling. I remember the civil rights movement. I remember lynchings and seeing signs “get out of town by sundown” and cafe’s and water fountains saying “whites only.” Things haven’t changed as much as we might wish even with a black president, etc. The elites (black and white) in this country are systemically out of touch with the common man. Jesus wasn’t born into a patrician Roman family. He was born to an oppressed, impoverished people. If that were today, he would have been born into a black family in the inner city.

Also, I see the press, both FOX and CNN making matters worse. Their coverage is slanted to inflame their support bases. The political avarice is completely naked as pundits and interviewees with shrill voices and gesticulations of rage pontificate from the safety of their broadcast studios. We are in danger of seeing freedom of the press weaken to the point of being lost if something doesn’t happen. Our form of government is weakening. There aren’t enough resources to maintain law and order. There isn’t enough money (entitlements) to pacify the anger in the streets. People in this country right now are receiving $600-$700 a week to stay home and it isn’t enough to pacify unrest. LBJ’s Great Society that pacified civil war in this country in the 60s – is dead. There is no republican savior who can redeem the nation. There is no liberal reformer with any answers. Historically these unrests at this level of reoccurrence are symptomatic of what happens before governments fall and new regimes come to power. This is what happened between WWI and WWII that brought a populist leader to power that changed the world, Adolf Hitler. Populism and following strong personalities sound a death nell of any democratic way of life and sets the stage for dictatorship. What is the answer?


Politics cannot save us. Government, the military cannot save us. The military is mobilizing against our citizenry at levels not seen since WWII – within our borders. It isn’t enough. Will we look to the hills whence cometh our help? Hills represent political powers in the bible. The republican party cannot save us. The democratic party cannot save us. Our hope is in the Lord and prayer changes things. In November of last year when I brought out the word of the Lord for 2020 the word was “establish a PRAYER PERIMETER.” Prayer is the answer. Looking to God and loving your neighbor is the answer. Toning down, eliminating the rhetoric is the answer. Refuse to fear or give in to the manipulation of the press. Trust in God. He is the only answer.

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