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Enjoy over 5 hours of prophetic soaking with Prophet Russ Walden and Grammy award winning artist Dony Maguire. $25.00
n50Prophet Russ Walden gives a generation-spanning insight into 24 world changing events that will transpire over the next 50 years. Questions to your deepest concerns globally will be addressed from these chapters wherein Prophet Walden's personal revelation direct from the Father are put down in understandable and clear language. (PDF version - will be sent to you via e-mail)$9.95
Dreams DVD198x300Powerful message on DVD that will unlock your understanding and God-given ability to interpret your dreams and others. Just like there is a "Faith" chapter of the bible and a "Love" chapter in the bible - there is a DREAM chapter in the bible that will unlock your dreams and open you to the sealed instruction of the Father that comes to you every night in your dream state. What if you don't dream? After being exposed to this powerful teaching - you will and often!$30.00
tongues200x300Overcoming Hinderances to Speaking in Tongues. This teaching has helps 1000's deal with this issue. Fluency of gifting is possible for you - and breakthrough in life as this gift becomes your reality. (PDF version - will be sent to you via e-mail)$6.95
Spiritual Meteorology: Understanding the Seven Spirits of God
(Paperback version)

You can set your own season in God! You can predict the spiritual climate of your life and position yourself for blessing and breakthrough.

There are seven JET STREAMS which make up our weather on the planet and there are also Seven Spirits of God that blow in your life. When you anticipate the wind of God the seven spirits of God bend low and pour out on your life bringing the beneficial rains of HIs grace and favor.

In Matt. 16:3 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for being able to predict the weather but not understanding the kingdom of God. The Psalmist tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God (Psa. 19:1). In this book you will come to an understanding of the weather (meteorology) from a kingdom perspective which will bring deep revelation of the 7 Spirits of God.
e-Book version of Spiritual Meteorology (above)10.00
Enochian Walks with God! $10.00Enochian Walks with God! (Paperback version)

Another Look at Enoch, Immortality and the Rapture.

In Gen. 5:24 we see the patriarch Enoch purportedly walking into immortality and circumventing death.

Was this experience unique to Enoch or does his life and translation demonstrate an experience available to all believers?

In this provocative book Prophet Russ Walden takes a deeper look at Enoch and brings an encouraging message to those hungering for more of God in their lives who may be asking “do we have all that God has available to us this side of eternity”?

Walk like Enoch Walked, Talk like Enoch Talked, Get What Enoch Got, Go where Enoch Went!
e-Book version of Enochian Walks with God (above)10.00
bothbooksSpiritual Meteorology AND Enochian Walks with God: (Paperback versions)

Get both of these powerful books at a discounted price!

Both Books: Spiritual Meteorology AND Enochian Walks with God!

Set your own season in God!

Walk like Enoch Walked, Talk like Enoch Talked, Get What Enoch Got, Go where Enoch Went!
e-Book versions of both titles "Spiritual Meteorology" and "Enochian Walks with God" (above)15.00