Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden 

are coming to a city near you in 2013
Luke 18:22 Sell everything you have and give to the poor… 
then come, follow me.” 

Top Secret

For six months Prophets Russ and Kitty have been waiting for the timing of the Holy Spirit to announce this new direction and assignment for Father’s Heart Ministry in the coming year.
In a directive the Father called  “The Jericho Drive” we areHighway 300coming to a city near you for the express purpose of connecting with you personally, imparting, releasing and activating the power and glory of God in your life. For details of how to meet Russ and Kitty in person see below. 
In July of this year Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden were driving


 east out of the Rocky mountains toward their home in Springfield,Missouri. The presence of God was with them in the car. As He has done many times before a “download” from heaven commenced:
“You are going to go to 12 cities in 12 months in 2013. You are going to PREACH, TEACH, and PROPHESY. 
You will call this assignment “THE JERICHO DRIVE”. 
Illegitimate Authorities will be DIS-MANTLED in the Lives of My People and 
FRESH MANTLES will be Released!
In every city you will impart a mantle. In every city you will activate the Christ in every person you minister to. according to Colossians 1:27
We were struck with awe and amazement at what the Father had justFollowsaid to us. As the days passed we were gripped with the overwhelming conviction that this was indeed what the Father wanted. We began to make preparation to pour our lives out like a drink offering to fulfill this assignment:
  1. Kitty resigned her job.
  2. We declined to renew our lease and moved out.
  3. We sold or gave away all of our possessions (second car, furniture, clothes, dishes, EVERYTHING) even as the scripture says in Luke 18:22
  4. We made sacrificial offerings to mentor ministries in our life.
  5. We began fasting and praying for the specific cities the Father would send us to.
The Father accelerated our departure day to November 1stHikerimmediately following the Daughters of Destiny Arise Conference. When we left Springfield, Missouri at the close of that conference we had nothing but the clothes on our back and the few essentials we could take with us in our vehicle.
The enemy resisted us immediately. Just as we were pulling awayCarfrom our home we were involved in a car accident. We were reared-ended by another car as we waited to pull out onto a busy state highway!
Miraculously we were jarred but not injured but even beyond that our vehicle was not disabled (Praise God!). It would have been so devastating to be homeless and having to face the delay of dealing with injuries and waiting on an insurance settlement to repair our vehicle before we could leave on this kingdom assignment!
The Father instructed us that we would launch from the Florida panhandle also known as the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida.Road TripWe had no idea where we would stay. The favor of God was on us and a temporary place was provided just a few miles from a ministry that was a big part of launching Father’s Heart Ministry in the first place. We saw this November/December time as a staging ground to get us prepared for the 12 month 12 city assignment from heaven in 2013.
Now the January launch begins. From January through May we willPreachbe in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, California and Nevada. 
We will be going to these areas toPREACH, TEACH, PROPHESY andActivate the Christ in You according to Colossians 1:27:
Col 1:27 NIV – God has chosen to make known … mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.
If you live in the continental United States we look forward to connecting with the you and voicing the Father’s heart to you.Wewill be conducting small conferences and also prophetic small groups from coast to coast in the coming year. We have no sponsor or backing other than the Holy Ghost and those that He speaks to. If you wish to host or participate in a prophetic gatherings use this link to let us know: 




Russ and kitty

Prophets Russ and Kitty committed to this assignment without hesitation, knowing that God’s hand always provides. Last year we started offering partnership opportunities and have been SO APPRECIATIVE of those of you who have supported us on a monthly basis.
Obviously living on the road is much more costly than a normal lifestyle (God never promised us normal did He?). In the midst of this assignment we will continue to do the work of the ministry just as we always have. The work load then is greatly increased. You can support this assignment from heaven several ways:
  1. Pray for us. 
  2. Connect with Us in Person
  3. Give a One Time Offering 
  4. Parter with Us in 2013 to Help Fund the Jericho Drive


For those of you that already partner with us we thank you. For those who have already connected with us and arranged for us to minister in your area we thank you as well. We look forward to hugging your neck and getting to know you personally and to bring the prophetic word over you in power and strength.


We will update you from time to time as this assignment unfolds. The Father told us this assignment would be a dismantling of illegitimate authority over the lives of His people. He told us that in every place we went FRESH MANTLES would be imparted to empower and activate the POWER and GLORY of God.
We have every exception that this will be your portion with us in this assignment for the coming year.
All our Love –  Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden

We also invite you to support Russ and Kitty in this assignment from heaven:

Make a ONE TIME ONLY gift to support the Jericho Drive:

Support the Jericho Drive for 12 Months with 12 scheduled monthly donations:

Support the Jericho Drive for 12 Months


  • Our lives will never be the same. We are so thankful for your obedience to your calling in Christ. It has impacted our lives in a miraculous way! Since partner shipping with you we have been blessed beyond measure and we are just starting! We can hardly wait for what God has in store for us as we continue to join you in our walk with Him.
    Russell and Kitty we can’t thank you enough and we love you and thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for sharing the Jesus in you with us.
    Gary & Alice Bourque

  • Kim Huber says:

    Will you be coming into or near the Northeast area? This area seems so oppressed compared to when I ravel south. What a blessing it would be to meet you both in person!! I read your prophecies every day and have requested a personal prophecy which I am awaiting. You have helped me to stay encouraged while all around me in the natural it is bad..May God continue to guide and bless you. And yes, I want to partner with you on this amazing venture of FAITH!!!

  • Rosemarie says:

    Hi Prophet Russ even though ur scheduled is all in the parts of US I Strongly believe u will be use in Asia particulary in my coutry Philippines but we love to meet you also in Hongkong in Kingdomlife Ministries International u can send emai to me
    My name is Rosemarie May God be with u in all your journey lime Paul antarsus in the Scripture.

  • My hope is that you can get to Minnesota. We started a ministry last July called Revelaion Ministry. It was Gods idea. He is doing it. Our endeavor is to assist people in IDENTITY! We would love for you to come during your Jericho Drive. Thanks for your consideration. Brilliant Blesings~Linde


    I’m so looking forward to meeting you both. I’ve been so blessed and encouraged by your ministry.

    • Sera Ralawa says:

      Praise The Lord.. God is Good and so amazing that he allows this very moment to contact you as We just new ministry here in Fiji and you can contact on this number: 679 8435174

  • Terika Smith says:

    I’m praying I have my car for when ya’ll come to st .Louis this is going to be so exciting. I have been waiting for this moment.

  • I am Standingfast with You for the entire 12 months! Go Godspeed, jes’me ~101~Yvon d>>>*Waiting to hear how much from Holy Spirit! Thank you kindly!

  • I can hardly wait for you to get to California!

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