baby-feetIf you’ve had an abortion – this Mother’s Day message is for you. You are forgiven (John 20:23). This may be a day that no matter what other joys you have – there is that pang of emotion because at some point in your past there was an abortion. Know that you are forgiven. Know that you are accepted in the Beloved. There was pressure. There were concerns. You didn’t start out in life just “living for the day” that you could get an abortion. Receive your forgiveness. Let yourself up out from under the perennial burden of regret that comes each year with Mother’s Day.

Your baby was brought straight to heaven from the operating theatre where your procedure was done. They were ushered into the nursery of heaven where your picture was kept close to them so they would know who you are. Every year at Mother’s Day the babies who were taken with abortion all come together with their Mother’s picture and get to tell their friends all about you. There is no resentment. There is no wistful regret or guilt leveling. You picture is smothered in kisses from your baby. You are loved not only by the Master but by your baby that will be the first one to chaperone you when you get to heaven.

Don’t torment yourself. No longer burying that hurtful time in a shroud of secrecy even from your closest friends. Today – receive your forgiveness. As Jesus said “whoever sins you remit they are remitted…” In the name of Jesus Kitty and I as the mom and dad of a relevant prophetic community speak and release God’s forgiveness and grace upon you in full measure. Enjoy your Mother’s Day – you are loved more than you know.


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  • Neo says:

    I will like to pat my self on my back for not aborting my beautiful gift from God when its father wanted him to be aborted. Then i was not saved, but i did not believe in abortion. As a result because i refused i am raising my 12 year old son together with Lord Jesus, with no help from hid father. When he left me i asked Lord Jesus to step in and be his father and he heard my prayers even when i was not saved. My son is been raised in a very special way, i always ask Jesus to provide for things i can’t afford. My son goes to one of the best schools in South Africa, has everything a kid his age should have. All of this is Lord Jesus is raising him together with me. I have forgiven him, and i teach my son not to hate him. God is always providing for my son and very greatfull and i am proud of my self for not aborting him and besides i never believed in abortion. Said so i don’t judge others who aborted their kids, but i don’t believe in it.

  • I thank you man and woman of God for todays profetic word,I have confessed this sin ,I have worried over it for years ,if my 2 children misbehave I always think its a punishment from God ,may be aborted children would treat me with some respect .l pray for self forgiveness.

  • Jeri says:

    Thank you for the info in your message. I’m 1 of th 1’s w/many regrets & now I can allow myself freedom from that guilt.
    Thank you!

  • Kelli mcgee says:

    Thank you for the word of release from abortion. While I still struggle with being worthy of forgiveness from myself. I am thankful that God has forgiven me. I sure need a breakthrough in so many areas of my life. I pretend to the world like I got it all together in public but in private, I struggle so very much. Please pray for me as I will pray for you.

  • Kris Bloise says:

    I know I have been forgiven and I have had times with The Lord that were intensely gut wrenching times of release, but this message, clearly unexpected and out of the blue, spoke to a deeper level of forgiveness for me and I cannot thank God enough for speaking through you and releasing this word. The depth and magnitude of God’s love and forgiveness boggles my mind. He knows I have felt deep regret, especially years later trying to have a child in the natural. And I know He was not punishing me or withholding a child from me because I had an abortion.
    God Bless you Prophets Russ and Kitty. Thank you for your love and carrying the heart of th ather and sharing His heart and for your unwavering commitment and integrity.

  • Marcel says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Linda says:

    Thank you. This was for me.

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