A Coming Move of God: The I-70 Outpouring:

August 2012

The Father says there is going to be a revival called the I – 70 outpouring. It is going to begin west of Denver and move down the I – 70 corridor into Kansas. Small towns in Kansas on the I – 70 highway will become well known because of what I’m going to do there.

I will raise the dead in one town and heal a malignant cancer in another. I will manifest My fire in a small little clapboard church in such a way that the people in Denver in the west and St. Louis in the east will go out and say “we will turn aside and see this great sight….” Even as Moses when he saw the bush that burned in the wilderness. They will come says the Father and they will take their shoes from off their feet and receive their commissioning.

I will settle accounts with the saints of God in St. Louis who declared 100 years ago what I would do in that city. There are patriarchs and prophets who spoke over St. Louis in decades past and I will not allow their words to fall to the ground. I will bring My glory to that city not because of the cleanness of their hands or the willingness of their hearts. I will bring My glory to that city because My men and My women of Old looked over into the future and saw My hand unleashed on that city and I will NOT ALLOW THEIR WORDS to fall to the ground.

I will relieve the beleaguered city says the Father. I will pour out a refreshing in the Denver area that will cause My name to be made known in a rare and unique outpouring. The Denver / Colorado Springs area will no longer be known for tragedy but for triumph.  Sorrow and sighing will flee away. Heartbreak and heaviness of spirit will be broken off of the Denver / Colorado Springs area for I will relieve the beleaguered city says the Father.

Even as Jericho was besieged I will besiege the walls of the enemy that have besieged this city and bring down every citadel that is not adorned with the scarlet thread of My grace. I will break down the strongholds of darkness that have set the people of this area as a target. The enemy has said “I will take them for a prey at my leisure…” But I will confound the counsels of the enemy and expose his plans. A shocking plan of domestic terrorism against this city will be exposed says the Father. It will be exposed by My hand in such a way that the people will know and report it as an act of God.

I have said over this city – over the Denver / Colorado Springs area ENOUGH and NO MORE.

The Denver / Colorado Springs area will be fountainhead of a great outpouring of My Spirit. There will be a previously undiscovered source of refreshing that will break ground and fill the aquifers of My Spirit in this area and pour out across the plains in a rushing torrent of glory and joy. The Kansas plains will ring with rejoicing and where there has been death and desert places will be revival and testimony. I will get a testimony to My self and forge a new sense of community across the plains. The people of God will see themselves as SISTER CITIES of My glory and no longer feel left out in any way.

I will bind My cities of Denver, Kansas City and St. Louis in a three fold cord that shall not be easily broken. I will turn back the armies of the aliens that would come to defile these cities and righteousness, joy and peace will be seen in these communities. A new cooperation will come and I will erect apostolic pillars in each city that will bind together in an agreement that will cause nothing to be denied them that they purpose to do in My name and under My direction.

They will call this the I-70 outpouring says the Father. It will burn brightly for ten years and many will be raised up who will not remember the former days. They won’t recall the days of struggle or darkness. For the strategy of hell will be broken. The enemy who sought to mar the Denver / Colorado Springs area with tragedy has set his sights on Kansas City and St. Louis. But I will expose him and stop him in a markedly providential way.

My kingdom is coming to the Denver – Kansas City – St. Louis corridor says the Father. My kingdom is coming and many will refresh themselves from that river.

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