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Did you know that what Adam lost in the fall is restored in Christ? What Adam surrender in the garden of Eden – Jesus reclaimed for you and me in the Garden of Gethsemane. Satan does not assert rule in the earth by any legitimate appointment of God. Adam laid down the dominion that God gave him in Gen. 1:26 and Satan picked it up and fashioned himself as the “g” god of this world. God’s heart is that you know what the authority of the believer is and to what extent the shed blood of Christ has constituted the dominion of God in your life! That is the subject of this month’s free download: “You are a Principality and a Power!” We gave this download away one time last year just for a weekend – but it is available all this month as our free gift to you.

Today is Giving Day at FHM!

Do you value the Daily Prophetic Word? This is your opportunity to show your appreciation for what the Daily Word represents in your life. At FHM we are committed to being good ground for the seed of your giving to produce in.

Always remember – when you GIVE INTO THE ANOINTING – you REAP the GLORY!

Are You Ready?

Last week we spoke on what the prophets have termed “The Transfer of the Wealth.” Are you ready for the “Great Transfer of the Wealth?” For over 20 years ministries including Che Ahn and C. Peter Wagner have foretold of what they termed the “Great Transfer of the Wealth.” C. Peter Wagner spoke extensively into this subject, declaring there would be “providers, managers, distributors, and field marshals” of the kingdom.

Step Into the Transfer of the Wealth Today

Which one are you? Let the Spirit of God speak that to you right now. These are those that God is using to bring in the wealth of the heathen that is laid up for the just according to Prov. 13:22:

[Pro 13:22 KJV] 22 A good [man] leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner [is] laid up for the just.

This is about understanding that in your life money moves by the Spirit! Notice the reference to inheritance in that verse. God’s plan is not just for you to receive inheritance but to lay up inheritance for your children. Most people just don’t think in those terms because of the financial realities of their situation.

Where is this “transfer” coming from? Is it going to plop down on you like pennies from heaven? Remember that the kingdom is motion activated. In Luke 17:20-21 Jesus said these things will not come by mere observation. Therein lies the secret:

You are walking into what others are merely waiting on.

Remember the words of the angels in Acts 1 “why stand ye here gazing up into heaven…” If those 500 on the Mount of Ascension hadn’t DONE something, Pentecost would have never taken place. Are you ready for something different to happen in the area of your finances? This is your moment! It begins with giving. It begins with giving that reflects the magnitude of what you are believing for. This is more than tossing a few dollars into a plate. This is realizing that money moves by the Spirit and as you respond in radical faith – let me tell you radical things will happen.

Make it your choice to invest in your own liberty by sowing into this word today. This is your moment and your season. Let the plowman overtake the reaper in your life!

Sow Into The Transfer of the Wealth!

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