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Is Luck Scriptural?
By the Numbers to Receive the Increase!

What Does God’s Word Say? Is luck a scriptural concept? Luck is the unbeliever’s reasoning to himself to explain why good things spontaneously happen to people from time to time. The Bible isn’t silent about this, in fact, Jesus spoke directly to the subject:

[Mat 5:45 KJV] … he (the Father) maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

What does that mean? It means that much of God’s goodness is poured out upon people with no connection to anything they did to make it happen. This is not random, it is the mercy of God. If it wasn’t for the fact that God demonstrates Himself in this way all of humanity would be groveling in suffering and devastation. Regardless whether you are a good person or walking in any measure of faith it is a fact that God will look down on you and show mercy in ways that seem like they are completely random – hence the idea of luck.

Is That All There Is?

God has something so much more for you than dumb luck to get by on in life. When you come into the kingdom you become a recipient of something FAR superior to luck – and that is GOD’S FAVOR. Favor exists because, while God loves everyone – some people He “likes” more than others. That is why he visited Lazarus, Mary and Martha’s house over and over but only had supper at diminutive Zaccheus’ house just once. He loved Zaccheus but He loved AND liked Lazarus and his sisters and FAVORED THEM by his continual presence among them.

Give Into God’s Favor

I am here to say to you that God not only loves you He likes you. You are a recipient of His favor. The beauty of that is under God’s favor you aren’t waiting on random luck but can actually ENGAGE God’s goodness in predictable ways. How God works through NUMBERS demonstrates this:

In John 21:11 Jesus found Peter broke and struggling to make a living. The first thing He did was ask Peter for a fish – and He had none. He had fished all night and caught nothing. Do you think Peter could have gotten mad? Do you get frustrated when a preacher asks for money that you have very little to give? People that respond this way FORSAKE their mercy. They cry out for answers and when God’s sends the opportunity for them to get blessed they blow up, get mad and spew some religious objection. That isn’t you. You are like Peter – we know that you are. Peter did something different – he just said “no I don’t have any..” and then He obeyed to do what Jesus said next – He cast his nets again and came up with 153 fishes.

Are You Ready for Your Breakthrough!

That number 153 is VERY important because the word INCREASE shows up in your bible 153 times. God wants you to increase. Now faithless preachers will tell you this has NOTHING to do with you being blessed but that is a LIE. Don’t let a religious mentality talk you out of God’s blessing. The download this month is about God causing you to ALWAYS TRIUMPH and that includes your finances. God wants you to have your 153 / Favor of God / Net Breaking Catch!

So I ask you – like Jesus asked Peter do you have something to give? Then GIVE and guess what – you will come out on the shores of your bad situation and your financial situation to find BREAD and FISH on the fire to meet your need and the need of all those around you!


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