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Do you appreciate the Daily Prophetic Word? Does it have any value in your life? Friday is a day in the week we do something we don’t do Monday through Thursday: We offer a free gift and encourage your support of FHM. This month we are giving away “Breaking Stagnation in Your Life”. Are you in the stuck place? Are situations not changing? This PDF teaching will give you keys to breaking out of negative patterns and see improvement and benefit come that has been slow in coming or not at all. It’s our gift to you for being a subscriber with FHM. (BTW, if you wish to unsubscribe, or change the details of your subscription CLICK HERE).


Did you know that angels get involved in your finances? In the book of Acts, an angel knocked on Cornelius’ door because his giving patterns had drawn the attention of heaven. Can you imagine giving into an anointing, and that night an angel comes to you and says:


[Act 10:4 KJV] … thy prayers and thine alms are come up for a memorial before God.


What does that tell you? God is watching, and the angels assigned to your life are watching when you give. All this month, God spoke to me that I was to tell you about the ANGEL OF FINANCE. You have an ANGEL OF FINANCE attached to your life and when you GIVE INTO THE ANOINTING, you activate this ANGEL to MOVE IN YOUR FINANCIAL DEFENSE! Did you know that there is an ANGEL OF FINANCE assigned to your life?




In 2009 a prophet declared to Kitty and I that we would begin to see money “move by the Spirit” in our lives. What did that mean? He elaborated that God would cause us to be not just a repository of financial reserves to meet our own need, but a conduit of blessing out to kingdom purpose. From that day till this we have intentionally changed our giving habits to reflect that promise. God has blessed us. The angels of heaven got involved in what happened next. If I could give you anything, I would give you YOUR VERSION of the breakthrough in life and in finances that came to us when we ACTED ON THAT WORD.


Today is GIVING DAY. It is your day to GIVE into the GLORY and ACTIVATE the angel who is your MINISTER OF FINANCE to bring the financial breakthrough that you have need of. Click the following link to give into the ACTIVATION of the ANGEL OF GOD in your financial situation: (Don’t forget to scroll down and retrieve your FREE gift, the PDF download “Breaking Stagnation”)




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Are you in a stuck place? Are the prospects of your life stagnate? Do you need to break out but don’t know how? Listen, you can WALK INTO what others are merely waiting for! This free PDF giveaway for May is “Breaking Stagnation” by Prophet Russ Walden, currently published on Amazon, but for but our free offering to you for being a part of Father’s Heart Ministry (click HERE to download)


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We asked the Father before sending this e-mail that there would be an UNCTION from the SPIRIT present at THIS MOMENT for you to GIVE INTO! Do you appreciate Father’s Heart Ministry? We know that you do – so we invite you – SOW INTO THE ANOINTING using one of the following options (and THANK YOU).



When something leaves your hand to God, something leaves His hand to you!





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Give by Phone: 417-593-9802


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