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This is our 2017 Feedback page. The original testimonial page has so many comments it is awkward to use! (Thanks to all those who have taken the time to share their feedback on the prophetic words they receive. To look at those archived testimonies CLICK HERE. To leave your own testimony use the “comment” form at the bottom of this page.

Prophetic Counseling Feedback:

I was immensely blessed by my prophetic counseling time with you Russ. Your pastor’s heart was evident throughout the call. From the moment you prayed, I felt the presence of God.  I was skeptical if you would be able to address my many areas of concern during the allocated time, but the conversations flowed so organically and you prophetically brought up many of those issues. I was pleasantly surprised to even have time for you to interpret my reoccurring dream.  I’m thankful for the recording after the call. I have already listened to it twice, once to allow the words to wash over my spirit and another to take notes. I had been praying for a time of mentoring and God answered through this prophetic counseling time. I have great peace about my next steps and I’m thankful for Father’s Heart Ministry. Many blessings over you and Kitty. ~ Saundra


Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Praise the Lord Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”



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  • Vanessa says:

    You sent me a word for 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited as it totally confirmed the “knowings” in my spirit. I have had many words from people that I have prayed out myself before the word came, but this is the first word that I have had that confirmed the silent and quiet “knowings” in my spirit. I am so blessed by this ministry and I will be partnering with this ministry in the near future. Your ministry gives me hope and I truly believe that God speaks through you Brother Russ and Sister Kitty Thank you for all that you do in Jesus Name!!

  • Dawn Dougherty says:

    I know God was speaking through this word I received back in 1/21/20 and I am now really seeing the fruit of what was said and as I read the words again and as I type this comment I see that outside birds are circling, diving and just being downright adorable in a sense telling me that I am dearly loved by the Creator, so yes I believe.

  • Elizabeth Munoz says:

    Thank you so much Prophet Russ for seeking the Lord for some words over my life. I was truly blessed and touched by the love of the Father. The word was very encouraging and timely. It has filled me with hope and great expectations.
    May God continue to bless you abundantly!

  • Monica Benjamin says:

    Thank you Rus & Kitty for the prophetic word. It is a blessing. I will surely consider going further through the options provided through your ministry.

    A blessed day to you.

  • Christine says:

    Thank you for seeking God’s heart for this wonderful word for my life. It definitely resonates with me and encourages me to keep trusting that God will make a way and make it plain and visible to me. I will be taking this to the Father in prayer. Thank you for this blessing.

  • Ronda G says:

    Hello! The email was sent to my spam, so I was so happy when I found it. Glory to God. It really touched my heart and already God has revealed parts of it to me. I am excited for it all to unfold. I will update as things all come together. Thank you kindly. God bless you. Jesus is King.

  • Anonymous says:

    You prophetic word was very encouraging. I was thinking about quitting some things prematurely and you reminded me to be faithful with my assignments.

  • Mercilence Gandiwa says:

    Thank you so much for the personal prophetic word. Was so encouraging to hear the mind and heart of God concerning my life. It hasn’t been easy and have fasted and prayed trusting God to change my situation and wasn’t seeing change and this word came right when i was about to give up and all the issues addressed in that prophecy were exactly things i have been praying for. I cannot wait to see the physical manifestations of this word. Thank you man and woman of God for this word and ur ministry.

  • Joshua says:

    Russell and Kitty…..thank you! Very accurate. Thank you for taking the time to go to the mat for me and release the heart of God specifically into my curcumstance. Im believing God that, that word is bringing shifts and changes into the atmosphere and that nothing as it has been, will remain the same. Thank you for being faithful to the call on your lives. Big blessings on you both!

  • Joshua says:

    Russell and Kitty…..thank you! Very accurate. Thank you for taking the time to go to the mat for me and release the heart of God specifically into my curcumstance. Im believing God that, that word is bringing shifts and changes into the atmosphere and that nothing as it has been, will remain the same. Thank you for being faithful to the call on your lives. Big blessings on you both!

  • Joan Patrick says:

    Blessings and thank you so much for your encouraging words from the Lord. These are indeed days of great challenges and the Lord has led me out into a new place of challenge and trust in Him. He has positioned me where only He can bring me victory over the challenges that lie ahead. I bless you and the work that you do. Your daily prophetic words have been a great source of encouragement and help to me over the years. Gods richest blessings upon you and yours.

  • Khauhelo says:

    thank you so much for such an encouraging word.I feel like i can do it, i can do what i was called to do.Thank you Russ and Kitty for activating me

  • Lauren says:

    Russ and Kitty, Blessings to you both and thank you so much for seeking the Lord for a word on my behalf. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical, but as I continued to read, I was struck by how accurate it was for everything that’s going on in my life right now. Thank you, Lord, for confirmation of what You have been speaking to my heart. I am coming out of a decade of battling sickness and His promise will not fail me now! I will RUN in the fullness of life He has for me and leave all sickness behind for good. This is the year of as in heaven, so on earth.

  • Lorraine Pennington says:

    As I sat and read those prophetic words, I cried, from the depth of my being I believe God has a plan and nothing has taken him by surprise. He is always doing a good work to bring us to the destiny his heart has been yearning for. People need to hear encouragement no matter what level in their christian walk. This ministry has it! I have felt the compassion as I read your words daily as well as the personal word given. May God enrich you greatly today and through out this year. God has people on his mind and so do you.

  • Lebese Mothijoa says:

    Hi prophet Russ and your incredible team of prophets! I thank God for the prophetic word you so generously deliver to us! This is the only ministry I know which prays and gives prophetic words around the world.

    Thank you so much for all you are doing in the body of Christ and I appreciate the word you gave to me, it has encouraged me so much!

    May you all be blessed now and forever in Jesus Mighty Name!

  • Kay says:

    I waited for your word every day and it came right in time when i was in despair and utmost desperation to hear from the Lord. After reading the first few lines i lost my breath for a moment n tears began to fall. Thank you for sincerely seeking God and sending the prophecy for me. Thank you for the care and effort and detail you shared. I could feel the love in your words and am truly blessed. Though I dont fully understand it all yet, I am meditating on that word and his word and am truly grateful. Please know that you are touching lives beyond what you could imagine. God bless you all xx Kay

  • Marcella Hickman says:

    Thank you for the prophetic word that I requested from you. It is so special to hear a word that literally encourages me and also to know that I am getting confirmation as well from God for my life. This ministry truly blesses me and I long to hear His voice for my life as I receive direction from you. My focus is to have a heart to receive and to obey His voice for my life. I truly believe in planting seed into this ministry and I prayed what God wanted me to do. I believe its time for me to be a monthly giver to you both so you can do Gods work. I pray that you will continue to speak into my life as I want you to be the prophet over my life. Thanks again as everything about your ministy blesses me. I love your daily word as I look forward to reading it every morning. It has truly given me direction for my life.

  • Grant says:

    Thank you so much, this was spot on for what I am going through at present. Bless you both.

  • Diane says:

    I have taken a week to ponder the prophetic word I received. There were three specific things mentioned that really struck a cord and gave confirmation to things I had heard. You mentioned Psalm 118:17; I speak that over mine and my families life quite often. Another scripture was mentioned, Amos 9:13. That was confirmation to something I have heard from the Holy Spirit as well. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be used by God in such a powerful and personal way. God’s best to you and your ministry.

  • Shatu Elisha says:

    Thank you prophet ,am really bless from the words of ur prophecies over my life .

  • Actually the prophetic word was really accurate and encouraging and blessing! I realise the importance to have a prophet in my life. So important! I Thank God for leading me to your Ministry. I Believe things will now go for the best, as I receive and align with the protphetic word over my life. Thanks again! Blessings.

  • Alize says:

    OMG everything was on timing and from God!! thank you so so much and the word of the Lord just restored my faith and made me keep pressing on.

  • Tuttu Collins says:

    Thank you both for the great blessed words I received today. I am absolutely overwhelmed but also excited, to God be all the glory. God bless this ministry

  • Eveann Ross says:

    I thank God for leading me to You and your wife’s ministry. I just want you two to know that the word I received from you all was so right on. It seems like all I have been doing is praying a lot more than before. I have even had people say to me why are you over there glowing. Well if God has given me the privilege to carry His glory that is where the glow is coming from. I truly am blessed by the prophetic word. And I will be contacting Pastor Vic.
    Thank you and God bless your ministry
    Eveann Ross

  • Linton says:

    Thank you so much for that personal prophecy. It’s touched my heart as Gods proceeding words.
    I believe in God’s grace and His only son Jesus, who can change my life in less than fraction of second in His right time. It’s crisis time for me and I’m looking to God. Since, he already sent Jesus as my saviour and he is working for me. Yes, God. I’m accepting Your will in my heart. Thank you very much team for giving updates from God. I’m very happy as every moment God watching me and blessing in His mercy. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  • Usman Deborah Okubi says:

    Thanks so much for being my prophet.I appreciate God for all his wonderful plans for my life and your accurate words. May the anointing of God on your life never cease to flow.

  • Job says:

    First, I bless God for using you and your wife in immense measure sir. May your ministry be a part of the revival birthing this end time in Jesus’ name. The prophecies were accurate. This year God gave me the word restoration which you quite rightfully mentioned, and yes I have calling as well as the fact that I almost gave up on God but something keeps on telling me to pray and press towards my ordination because God will soon give meaning to my ministry and bring glory to my domain. Hallelujah! I long to visit you and honour you sir with not just a seed but with service. Thank you once again.

  • Elizabeth Pisani says:

    Thank you so much for that personal prophecy. It arrived in perfect timing and it has deeply touched my heart as I have re read it several times. I will be in touch again. I`m so blessed to have found you .

  • Colette L Bashford says:

    Thank you once again for my personal prophecy. The word given was confirmation to other words I received straight from Father or from other vessels. It was encouraging and gave me vision and hope to keep trusting for my future. I have been so challenged recently to walk in the favour of God’s promises but not get sidetracked by HOW HE WILL PROVIDE those promises…that’s up to Him. He desires a deep magnificent relationship with me. Easier said than done when I like to know ALL the details. It was encouraging to hear you confirm that I am prophetic. Another prophet said the exact same and I love how God knows me so well that He made sure I heard it twice as Ge wants me to let go of doubt and unbelief! Thank you. There’s lots to take in and pray about but all so encouraging.

  • Am says:

    Absolutely amazing! Thank you for listening to God and seeking him for an encouraging word for me!

  • Rita Ekene Molokwu says:

    Your prophetic words were very accurate and it gave me hope and Strength for the future as I am going through a whole lot right now in my personal life and life in general…

    May God continue to bless and keep you both in Jesus name…Amen!

  • Gwendolyn says:

    Thank you so much for the word from God it was so on point. Definetly a confirmation and it indeed encourage my heart. I believe God! He is truly up to something in my life and I accept His will and His way. I am grateful and I pray God will continue to bless your ministry. Looking forward to giving my testimony of His word coming to pass.

  • Jan says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty
    Thank you so much for your recent prophecy. So encouraging. I also received 2 other prophecies; one from Vic Foglia and another from a lady called Judy. All very encouraging re: my healing/ husbands salvation and my ministry and this was MY YEAR AND COMING OUT SEASON. I have lived with constant pain in my head for over 30 years..often leaving me housebound for days every week. Its been a very hard to hear the words in these 3 prophecies is such an encouragement to say the least. I am still digesting it all and praying about it! Thank you so much and please let Vic and Judy see this.
    Blessings Jan Smith

  • Dorothy Davis says:

    Praise The Lord I Want To Say Thank You For My Prophetic Word It Was Truly On Point And So Many Confirmation Continue To Allow God To Use You As His Mouth Piece Thank You And Kingdom Blessings.

  • S Grant says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful words and comments and for bringing me the prophetic words of God! We are so encouraged and grateful. My son lost his job because during a time of five tornadoes and extreme flooding he was not able to get to his work so they laid him off!!!! Now our finances are really bad…

  • Kaylie Breaux says:

    You word was so powerful and unbelievably accurate. The wording the Lord gave you was even exactly like the wording of another prophetic word I have received… I have clung to this word you gave me during the hardest season of my life. Thank you so very much for your love, care, and ministry!

  • Martie Stander says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty, thank you for the encouraging Prophetic word. It is exactly what I am experiencing at the moment. The word has lifted my spirit and I know that God is in control over my life. I thank God for using you in such a great way and may God continue to use you more to encourage and uplift people through words of prophecy.

  • Alberto soares cristovao says:

    Thank you very much this prophetic word touched my heart. I say yes and amen to the Great God Almighty. You are really the prophets for my life , this word come in the right moment. I will be in touch with this ministry and I will do everything to support this ministry very soon.This prophetic word is the real spiritual direction that I need. I say glory glory hallelujah.
    God is with us.God is real and don’t forget me…Pastor Alberto.

  • Grace says:

    Russ and Kitty, May the Lord continue to use you even more. Thank you for listening to the Holy Ghost on my behalf. The word was powerful. I read it several times…It was so on point. One particular scripture mentioned was something I told God I’d want you to mention and that was not a coincidence. Last week I was frustrated and had questions. I wondered am I just called and not chosen? You spoke about that too. I’ve been believing for the salvation of family members…God made me understand what he was doing. And yes I’ve been under attack- my prayer life last few weeks was a struggle, and as a dreamer I was forgetting my dreams daily. Then last night I did dream and it confirmed the word again. There was a lot of confirmations and direction for me. I praise God that my life is never going to be the same again.

  • Marilyn says:

    Thank you so much for the Prophetic words spoken over my life. It came just at the right time to encourage and strengthen me at a time of being so overwhelmed and stressed out over not having finances to cover daily needs and bills. I look forward to God bringing to pass every word and fully opening up my understanding to all that was spoken. I plan to Sow into the anointing as soon as possible. Again, thank you for taking the time out to respond to my prayer requests.

  • Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic words for my life! They were so encouraging and there were many confirmations of things that only the Lord could possibly know. I am talking about very detailed and specific things that only the Lord could know. There were also words of affirmation that I know came from the very heart and love of the Father towards me. I did have great joy and tears upon reading these words that are going to bring life to me for many years. Looking forward to what the Lord has in store!! May He continue to use you and your wife in the prophetic giftings that you have.

  • GQ Lee says:

    I am grateful to God for Prophets Russ and Kitty. The word spoken over my life was confirmation. I plan to stay connected to this prophetic ministry. May God richly bless you all!

    I was reminded of this scripture:
    “And they rose early in the morning, and went forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”
    ‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭20:20‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  • Georgina says:

    Thank you so much for the word you sent…it has come at a very needed time. Life has been so heavy and stressful that every day I have to ask the Lord for strength to get through another day. It has helped me to focus on him more and to know that I mean a lot to him and I have an important job to do. I pray that you are blessed greatly in the ministry you do. You help people not to give up even when they might not have anything left.

  • Hilda Onota says:

    Thank you very much prophets Russ and kitty for the word of prophecy that I received from you yesterday. They were so accurate concerning the unfailing Promises of God for my life this year 2020. By the Grace of the Almighty God and without a shadow of doubt, I will be back with my testimony in Jesus name! God bless and increase your Ministry.

  • Aimee says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty, my prophetic word for 2020 is so accurate directly towards me and is amazing!! God truly has no limits. Perfect timely word from the Father’s heart. This has blessed me so much and has encouraged me to keep going strong in the Lord. Those who ask receive and those who seek shall find!

  • Fombut Pride says:

    Greetings in thé Name of Our Lord Jésus Christ ..
    In all gratitude and appréciation with honor i wish to heartily thank you and your team sir for thé grâce and Love to seek thé fathers face for me ans bringing me such powerful words from thé présence of thé Lord.
    It couldnt come at a better time i have been seeking God praying and it seems nothing was happening but now i Know thé fathers hand bas always been on me…
    Those words are extremely prophetic nd 100% acurate most i knw personally ans thé others my which where already un my heart by thé spirit u witnessed again…
    I am fully Stired ans charged up and i know to pray more now…
    Thank you sol much ans may God continue to blessé and increse u

    It is my hearts désire to learn ans grow un thé area of my calling from your school so as to be trained and equiped

  • C says:

    Hi, I was so blessed and honored to receive a personal word from Prophet Russ himself. It comes at a time when it was the most needed, as usual with all the words from FHM. It speaks to my heart and greatly encourages me. I believe it is also very accurate. My contract is indeed getting to an end in less than 4 months, and this word really confirmed what God is telling me; and that it will get well despite the circumstances.
    May God bless you abundantly, dear Prophets Russ and Kitty; and all your team.

    From the bottom of my heart.

  • Rita says:

    Thank you Jesus for giving words through this ministry. I received all words, all fit, when I say all, I mean all. For me where some words so normal, and usual, but some hit hard my heart and soul. Later in I realised you did not know anything of me. Whowwwww. I asked to Lord to receive a word of my situation today. And there it is. People spoke bad in my situation and give bad advice, and there is this word, who speaks as the Lord speaks. I I take the words and take them in my heart. I can not wait. This sentence in the middle, so said the Lord, speaks deep in my heart. Also the words from them against me, and the suddenly will come. Whowwwwww. No better time as this day! It’s never to late, it’s always Gods time!

  • Felicity Titus says:

    I belief I will be back with a huge testimony….God bless

  • Felicity Titus says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty, I received my prophetic word today and almost burst out in tears. I was so overwhelmed with the accuracy by which God revealed my life through you. It is definitely & awesomely true and I can’t wait as I pray for these words to be fulfilled over my life. Thank you so much for always being faithful and obedient in the works of the LORD. May the LORD pour out HIS continuous blessings upon your ministry and may HE help me to step into my ministry very soon
    Stay blessed always .

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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