DSC05378There are new mantles in the earth says the Father and one of them has your name sown into the lining. You have not seen yourself as one to walk in office or authority but I have crafted a destiny for you that will cause demons to tremble and strategies of hell to be defeated.

As you OPEN your mouth I will strike dumb the accusations of the enemy. You will have a ministry of vindicating those who have been reproached by the scribes, Pharisees and lawyers. You will take those who have been left beaten and bloodied and help them gain their steps again toward My purposes.

You will be criticized says the Father. You will be told you are interfering with the discipline of the Church. Your answer is to be “I only do what I see the Father do …” For in your heart says the Father I have written the timeless expression of My heart:

No One is Disposable.

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  • Reena says:

    I believe it therefore I joyfully and gratefully receive these words for me Aba help me to honour you with using your gifts wisely now and forever,In Yeshua’s mighty name I pray,Amen!

  • THE PEARL says:


  • valerie f gallegos says:

    Amen! No matter what the outcome I know the lord will bless ME n my family will be saved for my willingness to do what I feel GOD has called ME to do! Noone can judge me only GOD and in the end no matter what The outcome I will feel good knowing that the testing of my faith Has been approved!!! And I know im doing it ALL FOR THE GLORY OF MY LORD N SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

  • Amen I recieve my own mantle and use it for the glory of God. AS I use His gifts I persue peace and holiness wirhout which no man shall see the lord. By his grace and mercy I will not be among them that the Lord will say “depart from me ye workers of iniquity I know you not” even though they did many mighty and wonderful works in his name.

  • Terri Wos says:

    I love that word, “There are new mantles on the earth!” Yes, we will take one! We love you Russ ans Kitty!

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