The Father says today, I see what you have left for Me. I see that you have left your mother and your father, you have left your cities, you have left your countries and you have followed Me. I see the persecution that rose up to chase after you, the persecution that rose up because you dared to say you can hear Me and dared to say you can encounter Me and dared to speak of the intimacies of our relationship. I see you as you made the choice to come after Me though it cost you your reputation, and cost you your distinction, and cost you your rank among those who opine themselves to be of the religious aristocracy. You have not desired to allow the stench of those who malign My name to cause your garments to be defiled.

For you have chosen the garments of praise because I have set you in My family. I have placed you in the midst of My mothers and fathers in the kingdom. My sisters and brothers and sons and daughters who trust and believe in My name. My family. My true royalty and the nobility of the pure of heart. You are come into the hundredfold inheritance of those who have left these things and forsaken all others for My name’s sake. You are of a new rank and order, and the service and love you have shown Me and My family brings you into the annals of greatness even like the one who would be the greatest shall be the servant of all. You have chosen the fragrance of humility. You have set yourself low and humbled yourself to worship and I am lifting you up. I am bringing you to the head table. I am RESTORING THE YEARS that the enemy has stolen. I am restoring the years, the honor, the family and the lands to you and your descendants now and forevermore, says the Father.

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